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IKRA Electric Hedge Trimmer Ultralight FHS 1545

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With 2-handed safety switch lightest electric hedge trimmer in the world: IKRA Electric Hedge Trimmer Ultralight FHS 1545 (500 W) with laser cut blades from specially tempered spring steel, cutting length 45cm and cutting gap 18mm, provides efficient cutting performance & low vibration, long life because of patented Ultralight lightweight construction metal gear, balanced Ultralight design with optimal weight distribution with large start button and patented cable strain relief, very lightweight Electric Hedge Trimmer with only 1,9 kg

Product Test Ultralight Hedge Trimmer FHS 1545


Product Details


  • Blades & cutting performance:
    • Provides efficient cutting performance & low vibration
    • Reciprocating Ultralight blades
    • Laser cut blades from specially tempered spring steel
    • Sharpness of blades provides a powerful and clean cut
    • Cutting length: 45 cm
    • Cutting gap: 18 mm


  • Weight:
    • With 2-handed safety switch lightest electric hedge trimmer in the world
    • Balanced Ultralight design with optimal weight distribution
    • Up to 40% lighter than the leading branded competition
    • Only 1,9 kg


  • Metal gear:
    • Patented Ultralight lightweight construction metal gear
    • Gears made of German case-hardened steel with exceptionally high abrasion resistance & endurance
    • Long life hedge trimmer


  • Security:
    • Mechanical overload protection
    • Low susceptibility of engine damage or gear damage in case of blade blockade
    • Two-handed safety switch
    • Comfortable and safe working


  • Other features:
    • Large start button
    • Patented cable strain relief
    • Solid blade cover
    • Hedge Trimmer "Made in Germany"
    • 3 years warranty

Ultralight lightweight hedge trimmer


Your benefits with electric hedge trimmers


  • Endurance:
    Constant endurance through uninterrupted power supply


  • No interruptions:
    No interruption during the work, as the energy is directly supplied from the power socket


  • Less maintenance:
    No need to change spark plug / no refuel (compared to petrol hedge trimmer)


  • Low weight:
    Due to external power supply less weight than petrol hedge trimmers


  • No battery charging:
    No need to charge or replace batteries - electric hedge trimmers offer a continuous hedge trimming


  • Eco-friendly and emission-free:
    The overall contribution to air pollution is significantly less compared with petrol tools



Product description

Ultralight – a light hedge trimmer for hedge cutting

Revolutionary - a real help, making garden work easier: Ultralight FHS 1545 electric hedge trimmer – with 2-hand safety switching, the lightest electric hedge trimmer in the world – especially well loved due to its low weight of just 1.9 kg, not only by ladies and senior citizens – everyone is delighted to work with the Ultralight

When trimming hedges and shrubs, the weight of the tool is a very important factor. If a hedge trimmer is too heavy, this is very stressful and tiring for the arms and shoulders. Often hedge trimmers are much too heavy and using them is more like "lifting weights in the gym". In order to make the work significantly more efficient and pleasant, IKRA have developed the lightest electric hedge trimmers in the world, with 2-hand safety switching. With a net weight of just 1.9 kg, the hedge trimming is so much easier. With the Ultralight, trimming the hedge is fun again and is no longer so strenuous and tiring. Save your strength and reclaim the pleasure of working in your garden with the Ultralight electric hedge trimmer. Make it easy for yourself with the Ultralight and take care of your shoulders and arms.

With the latest lightweight construction techniques, the Ultralight FHS 1545 electric hedge trimmer is up to 40% lighter than comparable electric hedge trimmers from leading brand manufacturers. The patented Ultralight metal transmission in the trimmer has a particularly long service life. The diamond-ground and laser-cut ultra-lightweight blades made from special hardened spring steel strip provide a particularly high cutting power and low vibrations when trimming hedges and shrubs. The blades have enduring sharpness and provide a particularly clean and powerful cut.

The ultra-lightweight design with its balanced weight distribution and large start button guarantees you comfort and safety in every working position. The anti-jamming protection and the mechanical overload protection prevent motor or transmission damage in the event of blade jamming.

The patented cable strain relief on the Ultralight hedge trimmer ensures that the cable always remains perfectly fastened and does not constantly lose its grip on the tool. This device also prevents the plug being "pulled" so easily when working. So, the cable strain relief prevents accidental loosening or slackening of the extension cable. This allows you to carry out the garden work in comfort and free of stress.

The ultralight electric hedge trimmer has a cutting length (usable length) of 450 mm. The cutting gap is ca. 18 mm. This enables the electric hedge trimmer to cut through branches and twigs up to 18 millimetres thick with ease.

After you have trimmed your hedge into shape with the electric hedge trimmer and cleaned the blade, you can carry the tool to its storage location. Slide the blade into the protective sleeve provided so that no-one can be injured. Then place the electric hedge trimmer in a dry, dust-free and frost-protected room. The cellar, garage or garden shed, for example, would be ideal for this.

The Do-It-Yourself magazine "SELBST ist der Mann" distinguished the light hedge trimmer with "Very good". Try the Ultralight hedge trimmer for yourself and you too can be impressed by the lightest electrical hedge trimmer in the world (with 2-hand safety switch). Customer comments: "It is even lighter than I expected."

IKRA Ultralight hedge trimmer FHS 1545

The world's lightest electrical hedge trimmers with 2-hand safety switching

Heavy hedge trimmers are often particularly tiring for arms and shoulders. IKRA developed the Ultralight hedge trimmers to make the work lighter and easier on the shoulders and back. At 1.9 kg, the innovative and light electric hedge trimmer is a particular lightweight. A light hedge trimmer makes the work on the hedge significantly easier. It is actually fun to trim the hedge with the Ultralight. Women and senior citizens in particular are impressed by the lightweight hedge trimmer.

The German-manufactured Ultralight electric hedge trimmer is up to 40% lighter than the leading brand manufacturers! It is equipped with a patented ultralight transmission. A hedge trimming MASTERPIECE – built with the latest lightweight construction techniques. Being up to 40% lighter than comparable electric hedge trimmers from brand manufacturers means you can work on your hedge for longer with less effort being required. ULTRALIGHT transmissions are made from German case-hardened steel. These are impressive with their extremely high wear-resistance and amazing durability! We provide a 3-year manufacturer's warranty for the Ultralight hedge trimmer. This underscores the durability and quality of this innovative hedge trimmer.

The high-quality, reciprocating ULTRALIGHT lightweight blades made from special hardened spring steel strip are diamond-ground and laser-cut. They ensure low vibration as well as a precise and clean cut. The patented ULTRALIGHT lightweight metal transmission in combination with the mechanical overload protection is largely responsible for the long service life of the complete hedge trimmer. The motor and the transmission are protected from damage by this in the event of the blade becoming jammed. With a cutting length (usable length) of 45 cm and a powerful 500 Watt motor, it can trim hedges with branches up to eighteen millimetres thick.
Light, strong and durable – ULTRALIGHT, quality "Made in Germany"!

Brief overview of all of the advantages of the Ultralight hedge trimmers:

  1. Low weight
    Particularly light: just 1.9 kg total weight
  2. Long service life
    Patented ULTRALIGHT lightweight construction metal transmission
  3. Low vibration & high cutting power
    Reciprocating ULTRALIGHT lightweight construction blades
  4. Enduring sharpness for a clean and powerful cut
    Diamond-ground and laser-cut blade made from special hardened spring steel strip
  5. Comfortable and safe working in every working position
    Balanced ULTRALIGHT lightweight design with balanced weight distribution and large start button
  6. Motor or transmission damage unlikely in the event of blade jamming
    Mechanical overload protection & anti-jamming protection
  7. Secure cable fastening
    Patented cable strain relief


IKRA Ultralight hedge trimmer FHS 1545

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power (Watt)
500 Watt
230 V
cutting length
45 cm
cutting gap
18 mm
cutting movements
2.500 min-1
reciprocating Ultralight blades, laser cut blades from specially tempered spring steel, diamond ground blades with optimized blade geometry and flat angle
patented Ultralight lightweight construction metal gear, gear made of German case-hardened steel, exceptionally high abrasion resistance, high endurance
overload protection
cable strain relief
blade cover
yes, solid blade cover
sound power level
99 dB(A)
1,90 kg
low weight, particularly light: with 2-handed safety switch lightest electric hedge trimmer in the world, up to 40% lighter than the leading branded competition, masterpiece: latest light weight design engineering
Ultralight lightweight design, balanced weight distribution, large release switch
Made in Germany
yes, made in Germany
3 years, optionally extendable to 4 years
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