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Tonino Lamborghini Hedge Trimmers

Tonino Lamborghini Product Registration & Warranty Extension

Whether you wish to cut privacy-protecting hedges, boundary hedges or decorative hedges - the high-quality Tonino Lamborghini hedge trimmers are your perfect companion when shaping and cutting back.

You can reliably and precisely trim any hedge into shape with the sharp cutters of the Tonino Lamborghini hedge trimmer. The rotating handles provide support when carrying out precision horizontal and vertical cuts. All Tonino Lamborghini hedge trimmers, whether rechargeable or electric, are made in Germany. The reliable hedge trimmers have counter-rotating quality blades for high cutting performance and low vibration. The blades are laser cut and diamond ground. It goes without saying that they are galvanised and protected against corrosion for a long service life.

Tonino Lamborghini's stylish hedge trimmers score highly due to their balanced design with balanced weight distribution for comfortable and safe working in any cutting position. The outstanding brand quality of Tonino Lamborghini hedge trimmers will win you over.

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  • Electric Hedge Trimmer HS 6070

    Electric Hedge Trimmer HS 6070 (700 W) with dual action, laser cut and...

  • Electric Hedgetrimmer HS 6050 D

    Electric Hedge Trimmer HS 6050 D (500 W) with dual action, laser cut and...

    free shipping Germany
  • Electric Hedge Trimmer HS 6050

    Electric Hedge Trimmer HS 6050 (500 W) with dual action, laser cut and...

    free shipping Germany
  • Cordless Hedge Trimmer AHS 6024 LI

    Cordless Hedge Trimmer AHS 6024 LI with eco-switch (24V / 2,25 Ah) with...

    free shipping Germany
  • Petrol Multitool Pruner Hedgetrimmer Brushcutter Stringtrimmer PPC 33 TL (4 in 1 Set)

    Article is on stock at 10.01.2020   Petrol Multitool PPC 33 TL...

    free shipping Germany
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Logo Tonino Lamborghini

Gartengeräte von Tonino Lamborghini

A unique spirit permeates every product, conceived, designed and recreated by Tonino Lamborghini. It is the capacity for innovation, but also to remain true to traditional shapes that are both elegant and bold.

This passionate ambition captures the indelible heritage of Italian style throughout the world and speaks the inimitable language of creativity, innovation and technology.

This passion is the driving force behind the products bearing the name "Tonino Lamborghini". In design, in the search for details, in the longing that only a prestigious brand can attract. Tonino Lamborghini garden tools are not only an optical eye-catcher, they are also handy, functional and encompass trend-setting technologies.

Tonino Lamborghini comes from the Erzgebirge mountain region: IKRAmogatec in Germany has over 40 years of experience in gardening tool production and stands for high product quality and reliability, high quality standards, innovative construction, design, impressive ergonomics and efficiency, world firsts and patented technologies - Exclusive Tonino Lamborghini service:

5 year warranty upon product registration and a competent customer and technical hotline


“Questo straordinario, impensabile
possente Toro mi ossessiona.
Di lui v’era e c’è soltanto lui.
I confronti sono inutili. Con tutti”

“Dieser außergewöhnliche, unvorstellbar
kraftvolle Stier ist eine Besessenheit für mich.
Da war, und ist, keiner wie er.
Vergleiche sind sinnlos. Mit niemanden“

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