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Tonino Lamborghini Chainsaws

Tonino Lamborghini Product Registration & Warranty Extension

Powerful and durable saw chains saw through wood "like butter": especially popular with our customers - the Tonino Lamborghini KS 6024 electric chainsaw. 2,400 watts of power, a metal-reinforced professional gearbox made of aluminium and high torque make for strong performance and efficient operation. The high-quality electric chainsaw with its balanced design also scores highly in terms of saw chains. The low-vibration brand chain from OREGON guarantees a safe chain guide and high cutting performance. German quality: The KS 6024 is manufactured in Germany. With the KS 6024 you are able to carry out work such as tree felling, lopping or trimming reliably and powerfully. The cutting of firewood can be conveniently dealt with.

High-powered in spite of its electric motor - the prejudice persists: Electric chainsaws have less power than petrol-powered machines. That’s not true. The KS 6024 has an output of 2,400 watts, which is 2.4 kW. This is particularly powerful and makes light work of cutting firewood. Due to the power connection, the performance always remains constant - no interruptions during sawing are necessary to top up petrol, because the energy for the motor comes directly from the mains (power socket) - by the way: even petrol chainsaws often do not have 2.4 kW. So it's worth a comparison. The KS 6024 can easily hold its own with the performance of petrol chainsaws.

Chainsaws with electric motors often have a lower dead weight than petrol chainsaws. This makes them easier to handle: Guiding the saw is more comfortable, a better posture is possible and your back is spared. You will feel the difference in weight especially during continuous use! Your arms and hands will not tire as quickly as with heavier petrol chainsaws. The external power supply and the lack of a petrol motor make the electrical appliance a handy and light alternative for cutting firewood. By the way, our KS 6024 electric chain saw weighs only 4.90 kilograms.

Environment-friendly and odourless: Electrical appliances operate completely emission-free, so they do not emit any harmful pollutants and can even be used indoors. Moreover, their electric motor is often quieter than petrol-powered models. No fuel pump, no start cord and certainly no repeated starting strokes - with electric chainsaws you only have to press the safety switch, release the chain brake and activate the starting lever, and the motor starts! Strenuous starting of the motor as with petrol models is no longer necessary.

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  • Electric Chainsaw KS 6024 (2.400 W) with nylon coated professional gear, high torque gears, OREGON branded bar and low-vibration chain - cutting length ca. 40 cm - ergonomic handle with softgrip for comfortable working - tool-free chain assembly and tensioning   Product Details   Engine & Gear: very powerful: 2.400 Watt Nylon coated professional gear (Aluminium) for longer durability, lower noise and less wear and tear High torque...


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  • Article is on stock at 10.01.2020   Petrol Multitool PPC 33 TL (0,9 kW) 4 in 1 gardening tool - usable as string trimmer, brushcutter, pruner and teleskop hedge trimmer - trimmer-/brushcutter attachment incl. tap 'n' go spool and 3-tooth-blade, with innovative grass entanglement protection - pruner chainsaw attachment with OREGON branded bar and low-vibration chain, adjustable angle for flexible and ergonomic cutting, extension part for variable height adjustment - hedge...


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Gartengeräte von Tonino Lamborghini

A unique spirit permeates every product, conceived, designed and recreated by Tonino Lamborghini. It is the capacity for innovation, but also to remain true to traditional shapes that are both elegant and bold.

This passionate ambition captures the indelible heritage of Italian style throughout the world and speaks the inimitable language of creativity, innovation and technology.

This passion is the driving force behind the products bearing the name "Tonino Lamborghini". In design, in the search for details, in the longing that only a prestigious brand can attract. Tonino Lamborghini garden tools are not only an optical eye-catcher, they are also handy, functional and encompass trend-setting technologies.

Tonino Lamborghini comes from the Erzgebirge mountain region: IKRAmogatec in Germany has over 40 years of experience in gardening tool production and stands for high product quality and reliability, high quality standards, innovative construction, design, impressive ergonomics and efficiency, world firsts and patented technologies - Exclusive Tonino Lamborghini service:

5 year warranty upon product registration and a competent customer and technical hotline


“Questo straordinario, impensabile
possente Toro mi ossessiona.
Di lui v’era e c’è soltanto lui.
I confronti sono inutili. Con tutti”

“Dieser außergewöhnliche, unvorstellbar
kraftvolle Stier ist eine Besessenheit für mich.
Da war, und ist, keiner wie er.
Vergleiche sind sinnlos. Mit niemanden“

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