Service and Warranty

Overview / Selection:


IKRA guarantees

2 Years

24 Month

Standard manufacturer's guarantee for IKRA brand devices

Manufacturer's Waranty IKRA


3 Years

36 Month

Manufacturer's guarantee for the following devices:

Warranty Ultralight Heckenschere
Ultralight Hedge Trimmer
FHS 1545
FHS 1555

Garantie Tonino Lamborghini Gartengeräte
Tonino Lamborghini Gardening Tools


4 Years

48 Months

Warranty Extension IKRA

There is an option in the IKRA online shop to extend the manufacturer's guarantee for all IKRA brand gardening tools from 2 years to 4 years for a fee, which will be shown in the shopping basket. In order to be able to make use of the guarantee extension, the device must have been purchased in the IKRA online shop.


5 Years

60 Month

Garantie Tonino Lamborghini Gartengeräte

There is an option in the Tonino Lamborghini online shop to extend the manufacturer's guarantee for all Tonino Lamborghini brand gardening tools from 3 years to 5 years free of charge. Anyone who has purchased a Tonino Lamborghini gardening tool can make use of the guarantee extension. (Regardless of whether in our shop or another dealer). A guarantee card with code is enclosed with each device. This enables you to extend the guarantee to 5 years on the Tonino Lamborghini gardening tools website:

Product registration and guarantee extension




Warranty conditions for consumers

Warranty period:

For our Ultralight FHS 1545 and FHS 1555 hedge trimmers we grant 3 years warranty from handover (proof with original invoice or copy of invoice).
All Tonino Lamborghini garden tools are also come with a 3 year warranty from delivery (proof with original invoice or copy of invoice). The warranty can be extended to 5 years (from handover) free of charge, through a warranty extension via our website.

The warranty period for all IKRA garden tools (except FHS 1545 & FHS 1555) is 2 years from handover and can optionally be extended to 4 years in the shopping basket. Here, too, the original invoice receipt or copy of the invoice serves as proof.

Warranty provider:

ikra GmbH
Schlesier Strasse 36
D-64839 Muenster-Altheim

Area of validity:

The warranty is only intended for consumers. A consumer is any natural person who concludes a legal transaction for purposes which can predominantly neither be attributed to his commercial nor to his self-employed professional activity.

The warranty is valid for all products purchased within the EU, Great Britain and Switzerland.

No restriction of the legal rights of the buyer:

Within the framework of the applicable national laws on the sale of consumer goods, the buyer has legal rights, e.g. due to liability for defects (guarantee), which are not restricted by the warranty.

Contents of the warranty:

In the event of a warranty claim, the warranty provider shall bear the repair and material costs for defective parts. If a repair is uneconomical, we reserve the right to provide the customer with a replacement device. The refund of the purchase price is excluded within the scope of the warranty. Postage and shipping costs within Germany will be borne by ikra GmbH in case of warranty. Shipping costs from or to countries other than Germany as well as customs and import costs are to be paid by the customer.  Repair or replacement of the device does not lead to the warranty period starting again.

The warranty shall not apply or shall expire in the following cases:  

  • Batteries and wear parts
  • Improper or inappropriate use, e.g. commercial use
  • Damages that arise from the use of incorrect accessory parts
  • Damage due to external influences, e.g. transport damage, weather damage, impact or breakage
  • Damage caused by incorrect voltage (mains voltage), e.g. when used abroad
  • Repairs with non-original parts (original spare parts can be found here:
  • Repairs or modifications that have not been carried out by us
  • Application of force
  • Wilful motor overloading
  • Malice, wilful deception

Repairs under warranty may only be carried out by authorised workshops or by the in-house customer service department, otherwise the warranty shall be voided. Service addresses can be found at IKRA Service Addresses.  During the repair we do not provide the customer with any temporary replacement equipment.

Repair costs that are not covered by the warranty will be invoiced to the customer. The execution of such repairs, which incur additional costs, will be agreed with the customer in advance.

Enforcement of the warranty (warranty claim):

If the product does not function during the warranty period or does not function as intended for use, this is a warranty claim.

In the event of a warranty claim, please contact

Tel: +49 (0) 6071-3003-0

You will find further service addresses which you are welcome to contact in case you require assistance at IKRA Service Addresses.
Assertion of the defect must take place immediately after the occurrence of the defect and within the warranty period.

Our competent customer hotline and technical hotline are by your side throughout the complete warranty period with advice and assistance. If a warranty case occurs, contact us and you can send the defective device to us free of charge within Germany. The return shipping of the repaired device or the replacement device back to you is also free of charge.


IKRA warranty extension

You can extend the IKRA guarantee from 2 to 4 years in the shopping basket during the order process. You can add the guarantee extension to your order with just one click of the mouse in the shopping basket.

It's as simple as this:

Shopping basket view - summary of your order with optional additional guarantee extension.

Warranty Extension 4 Years
(Click on "Add now" and the guarantee extension is added to your order)

Take advantage of four whole years of our competent service for our high-quality, durable products. 48-month IKRA device guarantee!


Service & guarantee are a priority at IKRA

  • Comprehensive quality assurance measures, related to the whole order development and production
  • 100% final checking of each individual device on specially tailored test benches
  • Customer-friendly order-taking (also by telephone: +49 (0) 6071-3003-0)
  • Quick and reliable order processing
  • Short delivery times by means of selected logistics partners
  • Competent and friendly customer and technical hotline
  • Cost-effective repairs through our Service centre - domestic and international (outside the warranty and our guarantee services)
  • Quick repair processing
  • Fair processing of guarantee claims
  • Comprehensive product information in the online shop
  • Direct ordering of accessories and spare parts in the online shop


Service centre

All service centres, with addresses and telephone numbers, can be found on our info page Service addresses.

Service address in Germany:

IKRA Service
c/o Mogatec moderne Gartentechnik GmbH

Max-Wenzel-Str. 31
D-09427 Ehrenfriedersdorf

Phone: +49 3725 449-335
Fax: +49 3725 449-324


Service: Spare parts & accessories

All spare parts and original accessories for our gardening tools are available simply online

The big advantage with IKRA is that we are able to offer an excellent spare parts service. Spare parts for all IKRA gardening tools can be ordered easily from us here in the online shop. Suitable accessory items such as cutting line spools, rechargeable batteries, blades or replacement chains for example, for certain IKRA devices are always available online. Of course, IKRA also maintains a stock of spare parts and accessory parts for older gardening tools. Customer service and functionality are a priority with us. Put an end to frustration when enjoying Germany's finest hobby – enjoying the sense of well-being in the garden and on the lawn with IKRA brand equipment. If you cannot find the right spare part or accessory for your gardening tool in our shop, please contact our friendly customer hotline:

+49 (0) 6071-3003-0 or use our contact form.