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leaf blowers & leaf vacuums

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Leaf blowers and leaf vacuums: 1, 2, 3 and the foliage is gone

Blowing the autumn foliage off the pathways or lawn? Vacuuming colourful autumn leaves off the pavements? Autumn brings the colourful splendour of leaves not only on the trees but also all over the ground - even on pathways and on your property. Forget brooms and rakes when taking care of the leaves and reach for powerful and time-saving leaf blowers and vacuums.

Autumn leaves can be easily blown into heaps with IKRA leaf blowers or vacuumed up with IKRA leaf vacuums. So, the colourful autumn leaves on pathways in front of your property and on lawn areas can be quickly cleared away. Leaf vacuums also shred the vacuumed leaves into tiny pieces to save space.

Just as with snow in winter, you are responsible for clearing the leaves from the pathways in front of your property in the autumn. Wet leaves present a real slip hazard for passers-by. Fulfil your obligations and use a leaf-clearing device from IKRA to clear the leaves.

Customers love our cordless leaf blower IAB 40-25. The turbo button provides "endless power" (customer quote) and in contrast to petrol blowers, the popular cordless blower is "quieter than expected" (customer quote).

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Leaf blower

Vacuum, shred and blow leaves

Leaf blowers are a useful aid for clearing leaves from pedestrian pathways in front of the property and from lawns or the terrace. Previously the tedious and time-consuming task of sweeping leaves together into heaps with a broom or with an old-fashioned rake was necessary, but now you can clear the leaves effortlessly with a time-saving leaf blower. These useful devices are perfect, particularly in autumn when pathways, garden and lawns are covered in leaves, as there is a legal requirement in Germany to clear away leaves in autumn just as there is for snow in winter. You can now address this duty effectively, effortlessly and quickly: Leaves can be easily and above all quickly cleared from pathways with leaf blowers. People who have a lot of leaves to clear, house-owners and caretakers, are delighted to be able to rely on the useful leaf blowers.
Leaf blowers are also an indispensable help when clearing the garden and property. Leaves should be removed from lawn areas in particular as hardly any of the oxygen and light essential for life can get through the layer of leaves to the grass below. Leaves should also be cleared away from paths on your property, from garage entranceways or from the courtyard as they can present a slipping hazard here just as they could on the pavements in front of your property. The piled up leaves can be better collected and disposed of or further processed later. If you have some free space in the garden, you can also leave the foliage collected together by the leaf blower in a heap in order to provide a winter hideaway for animals such as insects. This is particularly environmentally friendly and ecological.
Electric leaf blowers and cordless leaf blowers do not create any hazardous emissions and so are gentle on nature and the environment. It is not necessary to top them up with fuel or oil. Leaf blowers are a great help in residential areas.
Would you prefer to vacuum up the foliage and shred it to save space in the organic waste bin rather than blowing it all into heaps? In this case, you can rely on a leaf vacuum - for example our electric leaf blower & leaf vacuum 3in1 IBV 2800 E. With this 3in1 combination device you can not only vacuum but also shred and of course, blow the leaves. The multi-function device has proved to be particularly useful for clearing leaves.

Further informations:

Blowing and vacuuming leafs

What can be cleared of leaves with leaf vacuums or leaf blowers?

Any surface on or in front of your property can be cleared of leaves with leaf vacuums and leaf blowers. All pathways in front of your property are your responsibility to clear due to slipping hazards. It is likewise advisable to do this on your property itself in order to avoid slipping on wet leaves. The lawn will thank you for clearing away the leaves in order to be better supplied with air and light.

  • Pathways and pavements
  • Paths and private pathways
  • Terraces
  • Courtyards
  • Courtyard entranceways
  • Garage entrances
  • Exterior stairs
  • Lawn areas
  • etc.

Advantages of the cordless leaf blower (IAB 40-25):

The rechargeable battery powered leaf blower IAB 40-25 is a compact and ergonomic design which makes working with the device much easier. You have complete freedom with the cordless device as you will be free of power cables and power outlets. The low weight of the device allows you to work comfortably. Your arms are not so quickly fatigued and your shoulders and back are protected. Despite the high blast speed of up to 320 km/h, the cordless leaf blower is significantly quieter than petrol leaf blowers. Your neighbours will thank you. When the work is finished the cordless device can be easily stored as the blast tube can be removed to save space.

Overview of benefits:

  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Independence from mains: Max. mobility
  • Low weight
  • High blast speed (up to 320 km/h)
  • Comfortable working
  • Low-noise in comparison to petrol devices
  • Space-saving storage (removable tube)

Blowing and vacuuming leafs

Rakes vs. leaf blowers

Does the huge amount of lost time and the very strenuous work annoy you when scraping up leaves from your lawn? In addition, it can be very irritating when the rake accidentally tears up the ground if it is used a little too forcefully. With a leaf blower, your lawn and the soil are completely untouched and left completely intact. Simply blow the leaves off your lawn with the particularly light and comparatively quiet leaf blowers from IKRA. With the leaf vacuum, the removal of the leaves is even easier and faster. It is essential that the leaf layer is not left on the lawn throughout autumn and winter. The layer of leaves robs the lawn of essential oxygen and sunlight. If the lawn does not get and light and air, brown patches may develop on the blades or bald patches may appear in the lawn.

Blowing and vacuuming leafs

Autumn clear-up with the leaf vacuum blower and leaf blower - mechanical removal of foliage

Autumn lawn clear-up with leaf blowers

Whip your garden and lawn into shape once again on a dry autumn day before the winter break. October or November are best for this. Most of the deciduous trees will have already lost all of their leaves in these months. The vividly coloured autumn foliage, which had looked so fabulous on the trees, now lies on the ground, on the terrace, on the courtyard or garage entranceway or on the lawn. Remove the foliage easily, expeditiously and effectively from slabs, asphalt and tar with the leaf vacuum. Spare a thought for your lawn too when clearing the leaves. Here it is important that the foliage is not left on the grass through the winter. The grass requires plenty of light and oxygen in the autumn and winter too. If the leaves are left on the lawn through the winter until the spring, the blades of grass underneath will be brown and yellow. They are dying. Bald patches will appear on the lawn. In the worst cases, moss can also spread here. The leaf blower is a useful solution here. Blow the leaves away from the lawn and compost them on your own compost heap or dispose of the leaves in the organic waste bin.

Autumn lawn clear-up with mulching mowers

An alternative for a very practical leaf removal on the lawn is a mulching lawn mower. IKRA has the IAM 40-4325 and IAM 40-4625 S in the product range for example. Both lawn mowers are powered by rechargeable batteries. Practical: the 40 Volt rechargeable battery of the IAB 40-25 leaf blower is compatible and can be used here. The 40V rechargeable battery from the leaf blower can simply be inserted into the mulching mower. The mulcher picks up the leaves with the rotating blade during the last lawn mowing of the autumn and shreds them. By using the lawn mower's mulching kit, the mown grass and leaves are no longer ejected, but are mulched by the sharp blade instead. The cuttings are swirled around in the device several times and chopped up into tiny pieces by the blade. The "finely chopped" grass and finely shredded autumn foliage are then dropped back onto the lawn. The very finely chopped material finds its way onto the ground, between the blades of grass. It decomposes here and serves as a valuable fertiliser for the grass. The nutrients removed from the ground by the mowing or the grass growth remain in place and are returned to the lawn - this creates a very ecological and environmentally friendly cycle. With this alternative, make sure that there are not too many leaves covering the lawn. If there is a deep carpet of leaves covering the lawn, it is better to use a leaf blower to clear the leaves.

Blowing and vacuuming leafs

Put the autumn leaves to good use

If you have collected the leaves from your courtyard or property together with the leaf blower, there are various practical uses for using these before simply putting them into the organic waste bin. Autumn foliage can be put to use in your garden.

For example, chop up the leaves with the garden shredder, or use the leaf shredding function when using the leaf vacuum, and add this to the compost heap for decomposition. Composting of leaves provides natural humus formation. In order to maintain a good mix ratio in the compost heap, you should add the chopped autumn leaves to the biodegradable kitchen waste, grass cuttings and hedge trimmings. The hedge trimmings, branches and twigs can also be ideally shredded with the garden shredders. Leaves and twigs only decompose well on the compost heap once they have been finely chopped.

If you have enough space in your garden, you can provide a useful winter hideaway for animals and insects with a leaf pile. Frogs, lizards and spiders also use leaf piles for protection from the cold. Perhaps there is space in your garden to provide a small winter home for animals. This is a practical use for foliage that you had previously gathered together from pathways and entranceways. Thanks to the leaf blower, you have a leaf-free property and free pathways - and the animals get a great and warm winter hideaway thanks to the leaf piles.

Autumn foliage protects and nourishes roots of shrubs and beds: Spread a little autumn foliage on the soil under shrubs and bushes in your garden. The layer of leaves protects the roots of the plants from excessive effects of the cold. Beds can also benefit from autumn leaves. Spread the colourful leaves on the beds in your garden or allotment garden. The leaves prevent the valuable soil from drying out too quickly and the leaves, which are decomposed by micro-organisms, also supply the beds with important nutrients. Finely chopped leaves decompose particularly well.

You see, autumn foliage that you have gathered together with the leaf blower, for example from sealed or asphalt areas of your property or from public pavements, is much too valuable to "just dispose of" in the organic waste container.

Blowing and vacuuming leafs