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Lawn Trimmers - Trim lawn edges at walls and paths with ease with the strimmer

Trim corners and edges at walls and paths, which are difficult or impossible to reach with the lawn mower, easily and precisely with a strimmer. This enables all of the grass blades to be perfectly trimmed to a uniform height.

Narrow sections of grass that are inaccessible to the lawn mower can also be ideally cut with the strimmer. If you have ground-covering or low bushes or a garden bench adjoining your lawn then you will be familiar with the difficulty of the reaching underneath these with the lawn mower. The strimmer also allows you to reach these places without problems and with ease.

Whether you opt for a strimmer with a cutting line spool or with nylon blades - you will always have a precise and exact edge cut. Crisp edges at paths and walls can be reliably achieved with IKRA strimmers..

Discover in this section also our high quality & accurate Tonino Lamborghini Lawn Edgers (Made in Germany).

  • Cordless Grass Trimmer IAT 20-1M

    IKRA Cordless Trimmer IAT 20-1M (20V / 2,0 Ah) incl. 20V battery and...

    free shipping Germany
  • Petrol Trimmer IBT 25-1

    IKRA Petrol Trimmer IBT 25-1 (0,8 kW) with 2-stroke petrol engine and...

    free shipping Germany
  • Hint! Cordless Grass Trimmer IAT 40-3025 LI

    IKRA Cordless String Trimmer IAT 40-3025 LI (40V / 2,5 Ah) with telescopic...

    free shipping Germany
  • Cordless Grass Trimmer IART 2520 LI

    Article not available until further notice IKRA Cordless Trimmer IART...

    free shipping Germany
  • Electric Grass Trimmer IGT 600 DA

    IKRA Electric String Trimmer IGT 600 DA (600 W) with telescopic height...

  • Electric Grass Trimmer IGT 350

    IKRA Electric String Trimmer IGT 350 (350 W) with telescopic height...

  • Hint! Petrol 4 in 1 Garden Tool Set IBKH 33

    Petrol Multitool IBKH 33 (0,9 kW) 4 in 1 gardening tool - usable as string...

    free shipping Germany
  • Hint! Electric Grass Trimmer with collection bag RTV 6050

    Article not available until further notice   world debut: cuts...

    free shipping Germany
  • Electric String Trimmer RT 6050

    Electric String Trimmer RT 6050 (500 W) with telescopic height adjustment,...

    free shipping Germany
  • Cordless Grass Trimmer ART 6024 LI

    Cordless String Trimmer ART 6024 LI (24 V / 2,25 Ah) with telescopic...

    free shipping Germany
  • Petrol Multitool Pruner Hedgetrimmer Brushcutter Stringtrimmer PPC 33 TL (4 in 1 Set)

    Petrol Multitool PPC 33 TL (0,9 kW) 4 in 1 gardening tool - usable as...

    free shipping Germany
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Lawn edgers

Strimmers help wherever the lawn mower cannot reach

Strimmers cut with one or two nylon cutting lines (single or double line spool), with a line thickness of ca. 1.2 - 1.6 mm, depending on the model. Alongside the cutting line spool, there is also an option to use strimmers equipped with nylon blades, such as with our cordless strimmer IART 2520 LI. The nylon blades have less air resistance compared to the nylon cutting line and this increases the runtime for the rechargeable battery. The small blades can be quickly and simply replaced thanks to the quick-change system, once the cutting edges become blunt. Of course, you can also purchase a cordless strimmer with cutting line spool from us. The powerful 40V cordless strimmer has a runtime of ca. 40 minutes and trims lawn edges with particular reliability. The advantage of the 40V rechargeable battery system from IKRA is that the 40V rechargeable battery can be installed in all IKRA gardening tools with the 40V ONE FOR ALL symbol. For example, you can first trim the grass with the IAT 40-3025 LI and then swap the rechargeable battery into the hedge trimmer to trim your hedges.

If a cutting line spool is installed in the strimmer, there are two options for feeding out more line once it has worn down. Either the line will feed out automatically (automatic cutting line spool) or the line is fed by tapping the spool on the ground. (Automatic tapping feed). If the line on the spool has been completely used up, this can be simply replaced with a new cutting line spool. Strimmers have much lower power ratings than brushcutters and scythes but this makes them more precise to work with. Strimmers are the best choice for trimming grass at edges, borders and corners after the grass has been mown. They are very flexible and offer adjustment options for better access to areas that are hard to reach such as under bushes, shrubs or underneath garden benches. The strimmer is also perfect for removing grass at edges and borders. Scythes or brushcutters are a better choice for removing plants with thicker stems, e.g. brush and undergrowth.

Do you have only small, narrow strips of decorative lawn between the rockeries or flower beds, that are impossible to run the lawn mower over? In such a case, a strimmer can really shine on its own. Tiny decorative grass areas can be trimmed to perfection with strimmers. A cordless strimmer offers the best freedom of movement for this. There is no power cable to worry about and you can reach the most inaccessible of places with total freedom of movement. If you have only a small, manageable garden with a lawn and with an easily accessible power outlet, you can use an electric lawn mower in combination with an electrical strimmer. Take the power for the tools either directly from the apartment or garage or via an exterior power outlet, for example, from the terrace. Connect an extension cable suitable for exterior use and trim lawn edges for a long as you need, without interruption. Whichever variant you decide suits you best: You can find both electrical and cordless strimmers at IKRA.

Further informations:

Cordless strimmers

Areas of use for strimmers

Strimmers are helpful for trimming grass here:

  • With narrow strips of lawn (inaccessible for lawn mowers)
  • With narrow decorative lawn areas (e.g. beside vehicle entrances, etc.)
  • With particularly small areas of lawn (where use of lawn mower would be uneconomical)
  • At walls (e.g. stone walls)
  • At fences (e.g. lattice fences, wooden fences)
  • Around fence posts
  • At walls (e.g. house walls)
  • At walls around garden sheds / gazebos
  • At edges of paths
  • Between paving stones in the lawn (paving joints)
  • In the vicinity of rockeries
  • Around round or rectangular fountains / decorative fountains
  • When trimming underneath benches
  • When trimming around tree trunks
  • Around low-growing trees and shrubs
  • At lawns growing right up to hedges
  • At flowers / flower beds close to the lawn
  • Around heavy or large flower pots on the lawn
  • Around clothes driers
  • At the edges of steps
  • Around the supports for children's swings or slides
  • Near / at the edges of sandboxes
  • Around statues
  • Around ponds (irregular design) or pools that directly border the lawn
  • Near the dog kennel or other enclosures for pets
  • At edges at lawn border stones and lawn edging stones
  • Around round lawn border stones
  • At angular, tight areas of grass
  • At terrace edges
  • At edges of flower beds / bedding edges
  • With rooftop lawns / roof vegetation
  • With lawn tiles
  • With lawn steps
  • With lawn shaping
  • At corners
  • etc.

Electric Lawn Edgers

Tap'n go

If there is a reduction in cutting performance, the cutting line must be lengthened. Most of the strimmers from IKRA extend the cutting line by means of automatic tapping feed. But what exactly is the automatic tapping feed on strimmers? Tap the feed button lightly on the ground while the motor is running. Do not press the feed button against the ground for an extended period of time. Centrifugal force and the brief tapping of the spool head on the ground causes a small amount of the cutting line to be fed off the spool and "drawn out". The cutting line trimming blade on the protective cover will trim the cutting line to the correct length. In order to prevent the cutting line becoming tangled, tap only once on the ground to lengthen the cutting line. If more cutting line is required, wait a few seconds before tapping the feed button on the ground again. When lengthening the cutting thread, ensure that the length of the cutting line always matches the mowing diameter, or is close to this.

If the line is shorter than 2.5 cm, it must be readjusted manually. To do so, switch the device off, unplug the power plug and turn it over. Press the knob on the cutting line spool until the stop is reached and pull on the end of the cutting line. If there is no cutting line visible at all, replace the cutting line spool with a new spool. When replacing the cutting line spool, always follow the operating instructions. You can purchase suitable cutting line spools from us in the IKRA online shop.

Grass Trimmers