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IKRA Petrol Lawn Mower incl. Mulching IBRM 2351 TL powered by Tonino Lamborghini

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Petrol Lawn Mower incl. Mulching IBRM 2351 TL powered by Tonino Lamborghini 77006400-TL-1

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IKRA Petrol Mulching Lawn Mower IBRM 2351 TL (4,0 kW, 223 cc) with high-performance Tonino Lamborghini 4-stroke OHV engine, wheel drive (self-propelled) and water hose connector for easy cleaning, cutting width ca. 510mm, cutting height adjustable 30 - 70 mm (central in 7 positions), grass collecting box ca. 70l, height adjustable and fold-down handle for space saving storage, powder coated steel chassis and high wheels with ball bearings - with mulching function, rear and side discharge


Product Details


  • Performance & Motor:
    • Tonino Lamborghini LM 910L 4-stroke OHV engine
    • Displacement 223 cc
    • 4,0 kW / 2.850 rpm
    • Choke


  • Cutting performance & Blades:
    • Cutting width: 51 cm
    • Cutting height: 30 - 70 mm
    • Central cutting height adjustment (7-positions)
    • Hardened metal blade


  • Cutting method:
    • Collecting
    • Rear discharge
    • Side discharge
    • Mulching


  • Collecting bag:
    • Textile collecting bag with hard top and support handle
    • Big capacity
    • Bag capacity 70 Liter
    • Easy collecting bag removal


  • Handle & Frame:
    • 7-positions height adjustable handle for work that's easy on your back
    • Ergonomic handle with comfortable softgrip and switch
    • Fold-down handle with quick release fastener for space saving storage


  • Wheel Drive & Wheels:
    • Wheel Drive Mower (self-propelled)
    • Easier and more powerful mowing by wheel drive
    • High wheels / wheels with ball bearings
    • Front: ø 200 mm / Rear: ø 280 mm


  • Mulching mower:
    • Mulching kit included


  • Cleaning:
    • Integrated water hose connector
    • For easy cleaning of inner housing and blade (fits all commercially available garden hoses)


  • Other features:
    • Powder coated steel chassis
    • integrated carry handle
    • Easy handling and maneuverability



Your benefits with petrol lawn mowers


  • Independence:
    Cordless power enable you moving freely around your garden, without limitation of a cord. You can reach difficult areas and also cover a greater distance.


  • Powerful engine:
    Petrol lawn mowers are faster, better and easier in mowing overgrown lawn - Italian Power: all IKRA petrol lawn mowers are equipped with Tonino Lamborghini 4-stroke-engines


  • No battery charging:
    No need to charge or replace batteries - petrol lawn mowers offer a continuous mowing


  • Large collecting bag:
    Less interruptions during the mowing for emptying the collecting bag (compared to lawnmowers with smaller collecting bags)


  • For large surfaces:
    Petrol lawnmowers mow large surfaces easily and efficiently - they are powerful and efficient


  • Time factor:
    Large lawn surfaces are mowned in a short time and efficiently - petrol lawnmower have a large cutting width



Product description

The petrol-powered lawn mower IBRM 2351 TL from IKRA is ideally suited for mowing particularly large lawn areas up to 1,800 sqm. The surface area performance is only a recommendation. Of course, the powerful and popular petrol lawn mowers can also be used on medium-sized areas. The powerful Tonino Lamborghini engine installed in the mower will always impress with its mowing power. Even in long grass, the powerful petrol mower is ideal. The Tonino Lamborghini 4-stroke engine (223 cc capacity, 4.0 kW, 2,850 rpm) installed will always help you to mow any grass with full power.

IKRA petrol lawn mower mulcher IBRM 2351

The 4-stroke "powered by Tonino Lamborghini" OHV engine is particularly powerful and has low fuel consumption thanks to the OHV technology. The IBRM 2351 TL is a particularly fuel-saving lawn mower. OHV engines are equipped with suspended valves. This valve arrangement ensures uniform intake performance as well as complete, clean and rapid combustion of the fuel. This enables high power levels to be attained and avoids carbon deposits in the engine. The OHV system also ensures a low oil consumption. Tonino Lamborghini engines are renowned and are valued for their excellent power and performance. They are not only world-famous and popular on the road and in motorsport - their power and performance are also employed in the garden. Tonino Lamborghini engines lend your meadow mower a generous portion of extra power and you a considerable portion of fun when mowing. The powerful 4-stroke engines from Tonino Lamborghini exhibited 25% less fuel consumption at 25% more power in a comparison test.

IKRA petrol lawn mower mulcher IBRM 2351

The robust and high-quality steel housing of the petrol lawn mower is powder-coated and so is weatherproof and corrosion-resistant. This makes the useful combination lawn mower particularly durable and means that it will remain your steadfast mowing partner. 

The horizontal, propeller-style rotating blades ensure a reliable and precise cut. The lawn mower blades are made from robust and hardened metal. The cutting depth can be adjusted centrally and without tools. The central cutting height adjustment has seven different depth settings. Change the cutting height only when the engine is switched off.

IKRA petrol lawn mower mulcher IBRM 2351

Lawn mowers with extra-large cutting widths save you time and energy: Make full use of the full 51 cm cutting width of the combination mower. You can mow lawn areas significantly faster with this cutting width than with rotary mowers with a cutting width around 30 - 35 cm. For large lawn areas, petrol lawn mowers and large cutting widths are indispensable. Lawn mowers with small cutting widths or weak electric lawn mowers are hardly able to deal with large areas, or are very time-consuming and nerve-racking when doing so. With the IBRM 2351 TL and its 51 cm cutting width, you can mow the area significantly faster and more comfortably.

The combination lawn mower can be comfortably manoeuvred around the meadow thanks to its sturdy and ergonomic handle bar. A soft grip on the handle bar ensures a secure hold. Your hands will not slide off the soft grip and are well anchored during the mowing. The handle bar of the petrol mower has seven different height settings. This enables you to adjust the rotary mower to suit your individual body size. This makes working with the mower easier on your back and more ergonomic.

IKRA petrol lawn mower mulcher IBRM 2351

The large ball bearing mounted easy-running wheels (rear) guarantee that the lawn mower can be especially easily manoeuvred around the lawn. Irregularities in the lawn surface are also easily dealt with by the large wheels. To make the mowing more comfortable and to make the work even less tiring, the lawn mower also has a switchable self-propelled facility. Self-propelled lawn mowers are particularly easy to steer and control. Mowing is significantly easier with this facility.

A rear-mounted, fabric collection bag with a sturdy hardtop reliably collects the cuttings. The fabric grass collection bag has a capacity of 70 litres. The self-propelled lawn mower can of course also be used without the grass collection bag. The mown grass is then discharged at the rear of the machine (rear discharge). If you close the rear discharge channel you can also have the grass cuttings ejected from the side discharge channel.

IKRA petrol lawn mower mulcher IBRM 2351

Can the lawn mower also be used as a mulching mower? We ship the self-propelled lawn mowers with mulching kits. Mulching is very ecologically beneficial and often makes separate chemical plant fertilisers or specialised fertilisers superfluous. To use the mower as a mulching mower, simply close the discharge opening at the rear with the mulching wedge provided. This stops the mown grass from being ejected through the rear opening and causes it to be chopped and mulched by the rotating blade in the mower instead. The cuttings are swirled around in the mulcher several times during the mowing process and chopped up into tiny pieces by the blade. The finely chopped grass cuttings finds their way onto the ground, between the blades of grass. It decomposes here over time and serves as a valuable fertiliser for the "green carpet". Mulching creates a natural and ecological cycle: The nutrients removed by the mowing remain in place and are returned to the grass. As a result you do not deprive the lawn of these nutrients by putting them in the organic waste bin. Use a combination mulching lawn mower to provide optimum care and nourishment for your lawn. Another advantage of mulching is that the finely chopped grass mulch prevents valuable water evaporating from the soil. This means that the ground and the lawn do not dry out so quickly in the hot summer months, like June, July and August.

IKRA petrol lawn mower mulcher IBRM 2351

Can the lawn mower be cleaned with a garden hose? The petrol rotary lawn mowers from IKRA are equipped with a hose connection as standard. This enables the blades and the interior of the mowing deck to be particularly easily and conveniently cleaned. Cleaning lawn mowers has never been so easy and simple. Anyone who has had to clean the interior of a mower by hand with a brush will find the garden hose connection a great help here. The garden hose is quickly connected. Then start the engine. The water jet is "swirled" around the interior housing through the rotating blades. Then the interior of the mower and the blades are cleaned in a short space of time. Let the lawn mower dry and then just put it away. Clean the lawn mower routinely immediately after mowing. Cleaning ensures that the lawn mower continues to function properly over the long term. The water hose connection represents a significant reduction in workload when cleaning the lawn mower. Do not spray the top surface of the lawn mower under any circumstances. This could damage the petrol lawn mower.

The powerful and robust combination mulching mower can be neatly stored in the garden shed or in the garage thanks to the folding handles. The handle bar can be quickly and simply folded down with the quick fasteners. The carry handle integrated into the front enables the lawn mower to be transported without straining your back.

IKRA petrol lawn mower mulcher IBRM 2351



Your IKRA benefits

Benefit IKRA No. 1 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of gardening tools

We have been producing useful, cordless, electrical and petrol gardening tools for our customers since 1977. We can look back over a successful company history of more than 40 years. You are purchasing a high-quality branded product from IKRA –Gardening tools have been our speciality and our passion for more than 40 years.

Benefit IKRA No. 2 Spare parts and accessories

The big advantage with IKRA is that we are able to offer an excellent spare parts service. Spare parts for all IKRA gardening tools can be ordered easily from us here in the shop. Suitable accessory items such as saw chains or cutting line spools, for example, for certain IKRA devices are always available online. Of course, IKRA also maintains a stock of spare parts and accessory parts for older gardening tools. Customer service and functionality are a priority with us. Put an end to frustration when enjoying Germany's finest hobby – enjoying the sense of well-being in the garden and on the lawn with IKRA brand equipment. If you cannot find the right spare part or accessory for your gardening tool in our shop, please contact our friendly customer hotline: +49 (0) 6071-3003-0 or use our contact form.

Benefit IKRA No. 3 Customer service

Take advantage of our exclusive IKRA customer service. We will provide you with excellent and competent support with all of your questions concerning the first use and operation of IKRA gardening tools. We will help you, quickly and reliably. We will be happy to answer technical questions on any tools. Our customer hotline: +49 (0) 6071-3003-0 or use our contact form.

Benefit IKRA No. 4 4-year optional guarantee

You have the option to extend the manufacturer's guarantee from two years to four years. We underscore the durability and quality of our products with this. Enjoy the trouble-free use of our high-quality and durable IKRA gardening tools. Our competent customer hotline and technical hotline are by your side throughout the complete guarantee period with advice and assistance. If your device should develop a defect within the guarantee period, we can guarantee you a quick repair. In the event of a service case, contact us and you can send the faulty device to us free of charge. The return shipping of the repaired device or the replacement device back to you is also free of charge. You can extend the guarantee in the shopping basket during the order process. You can add the guarantee extension to your order with just one click of the mouse in the shopping basket. Take advantage of four whole years of our competent service for our high-quality, durable products.

engine / motor
LM 910L 4-stroke engine, powered by Tonino Lamborghini, reduced fuel consumption and long endurance, easy engine start
power (kW)
4,0 kW
223 cc
max. speed (rpm)
2.850 rpm
cutting method
collecting (collecting bag), mulching (mulching kit), rear discharge, side discharge
recommended m²
1.800 m²
cutting width
51 cm
cutting height
30 - 70 mm, 7-positions height adjustment, central
collecting bag
textile collecting bag with hard top, with support handle, leichte Fangsackentnahme, large textile collecting bag
grass catcher volume
70 litre
mulching function
yes, mulching kit included
rear discharge
side discharge
comfortable switch bracket, softgrip handle, ergonomic
handlebar (frame)
7-positions height adjustable, ergonomic, comfortable switch, softgrip, fold-down handle for space saving storage, with quick release fastener
∅ 200 mm / 280 mm, lawn-friendly high wheels, confortable manoeuvrability, high wheels, wheels with ball bearings
wheel drive
yes, self-propelled
powder coated steel chassis
hardened metal blade
carry handle
yes, integrated carry handle, easy and effortless transportation
water hose connector
yes, comfortable cleaning of inner housing and blades, deck washing optional
petrol tank capacity
1.000 ml
unleaded petrol, RON/ROZ 95
oil tank
600 ml
device operation
choke, easy engine start
engine start
to start the engine from cold move the throttle control lever to its most forward position / hold the brake lever with one hand / pull the starter cord slowly until you feel resistance / gradually move the throttle lever to the full throttle position RUN after a few moments of running (2351)
sound power level
98 dB(A)
37,20 kg
powerful, powerful Tonino Lamborgini engine (223 cc), easy to handle and easy to manoeuvre
2 years, optionally extendable to 4 years
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