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grass shears

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Grass shears for comfortable lawn edge trimming

Do you have particularly narrow lawn areas on your property for decoration? Or, do you have hidden areas and corners that are hard to reach with your lawn mower? In this case, it is advisable to add grass shears to your gardening tool collection.

Grass shears cut edges and corners at stone walls, house walls and wooden fences easily and precisely. Even the lawn edging at paths and adjoining bedding sections do not present any kind of problem for the small, handy gardening tool. Use them at places the lawn mower cannot reach in order to keep the grass at a uniform height. Narrow strips of lawn that are impossible to run the lawn mower over can be simply trimmed with the flexible grass shears.

Trimming lawn edges becomes even more comfortable when the grass shears are enhanced with a telescopic wheeled pole. This enables you to work standing up, without stooping, comfortably and without putting a strain on your back. You can buy the height-adjustable, multi-function telescopic pole from us as an optional accessory.

The multi-function garden shears can also be used as shrub shears in order to trim small decorative hedges such as boxwood, decorative shrubs and bushes with thin branches in your garden.

Discover in this section also our high quality & versatile Tonino Lamborghini Grass & Shrub Shears.

  • IKRA Cordless Grass- & Shrub Shear IGBS 3.6 USB (3,6 V / 1,3 Ah) flexible charging function with USB plug - tool-free quick blade change, comfortable softgrip, 3-position angle adjustable handle   Product Details   Blades & cutting performance: Tool-free quick blade change Cutting width (grass shear): 7 cm Cutting length (shrub shear): 11,5 cm   Handle: Comfortable softgrip 3-position angel adjustable...

  • IKRA Cordless Grass-/Shrub Shear IGBS 1054 LI (7,2 V / 2,2 Ah) lightweight, handy and powerful - blades Made in Germany, laser cut and diamond ground blades, tool-free quick blade change, comfortable softgrip handle, incl. battery, charger and storage bag   Product Details   Blades & cutting performance: Laser cut and diamond ground blades Blades " Made in Germany " Tool-free quick blade change Cutting width (grass shear): 7,5 cm...


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  • Cordless Grass-/Shrub Shear GBK 6100 LI TL (7,2 V / 2,5 Ah) lightweight, handy and powerful - laser cut and diamond ground blades, tool-free quick blade change, comfortable softgrip handle, incl. grubber, battery, charger and nylon textile bag   Product Details   Grass shear: Laser cut and diamond ground blades for clean and powerful cuts Galvanized blades to prevent the blades from corrosion Tool-free quick blade change , unique...


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Grass Shears

Cut back lawn edges simply with the grass shears

The grass shears can be used in many areas of the lawn sections in your garden. As soon as the lawn season starts in spring, the grass shears will no longer be left peacefully in the tool box. Anyone who has a lawn will have these in constant use throughout the gardening and lawn-care season. From April to November, the grass shears are in use to trim grass edges in order to ensure that the grass is a uniform height. If you have only small or narrow lawn areas on your property, which your lawn mower is unable to reach, you can trim the grass here quickly, tidily and precisely with the grass shears. The grass shears are ideal for use along with the lawn mower. Areas that the lawn mower is unable to reach can be easily tidied up with the handy gardening tool (fine trimming).

Further informations:

Grass shear with extension

What tasks are the grass shears useful for? Areas of use for grass shears:

  • Trimming grass stalks up against house walls or gazebo walls
  • Cutting grass stalks at walls and fences (at fence stakes and posts)
  • Grass at the edge of paths and between paving stones
  • Trimming grass at the borders of beds and rockeries
  • Cutting lawn areas around ponds or streams
  • Cutting tufts of grass around tree trunks
  • Cutting grass underneath and around benches or washing driers
  • Cutting narrow sections of lawn
  • Cutting grass under low bushes and trees
  • Cutting grass tight to hedges and grass close to flowers and plants
  • Cutting lawn areas around large or heavy flower pots
  • Chopping grass stalks in tight spaces
  • Trimming grass in corners and rounded areas
  • Cutting grass on terrace edges
  • Trimming lawns near swings or slides
  • Cutting grass around pools or above-ground pools
  • Dealing with areas that are inaccessible to the lawn mower
  • Tending graves in the cemetery
  • Cutting grass around lawn edging stones
  • etc.

Cutting grass with kitchen scissors?

You can see that there is an enormous range of uses for the cordless, rechargeable battery powered grass shears. Forget cutting the leftover grass stalks with kitchen scissors or even nail scissors. On the one hand this is tedious and laborious and on the other hand is also not an appropriate use for these tools. Conventional kitchen scissors do not cut grass with precision. The stalks could become frayed and yellow. Cordless grass shears cut the grass precisely and exactly with their sharp cutting blades. So, leave your nail scissors and kitchen scissors in the house and save yourself time and effort by using electric grass shears.

Cutting the grass without straining your back

If you have several grass edges or long grass edges at pathways and house walls or garden wall to trim and would simply like a little more comfort when tending to the lawn edges - without tedious stooping and kneeling - then the purchase of a push-fit pole as an accessory for the grass shears makes good sense. The height-adjustable multi-function telescopic aluminium pole can be quickly and simply attached to the grass shears allowing you to cut the grass in a comfortable upright position. This is particularly kind to your back. The tool can now be switched on and off conveniently on the handle of the telescopic pole, without having to use the switch on the tool itself. Many of the extension poles also have wheels in order to be able to move the grass shears even more comfortably, for example along the edge of a path. Angular adjustments are also possible on some extension poles. You can see which extension pole best suits your IKRA garden shears in the overview of device accessories.

Grass/shrub combination tools

Grass shears are often combination tools. So, they include a grass cutting blade and a shrub cutting blade. Combination tools can be used as grass shears for trimming lawn edges or as shrub shears for trimming hedges or shrubs. The multi-function tools have the advantage that it is not necessary to purchase two tools to care for the shrubs and the lawn edges.

Grass shear