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IKRA Electric Tiller IEM 800 S

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IKRA Cultivator IEM 800 S (800 W) with 4 steel tines and 16 blades, robust and maintenance free worm gear in oil bath - working width 300mm and working depth up to 200mm - height adjustable skid, transport wheel, electrical safety brake and coated, robust fold-down handle for space saving storage


Product Details


  • Performance & Motor:
    • 800 Watt
    • Robust and maintenance free worm gear in oil bath
    • Overload protection


  • Working width & Working depth:
    • Working width ca. 30 cm
    • Working depth up to 20 cm


  • Steel tines & Blades:
    • 4 steel tines
    • 16 blades


  • Skid & Transport wheel:
    • Height adjustable skid
    • Incl. transport wheel


  • Safety:
    • Electrical safety brake
    • Safety switch


  • Handle:
    • Ergonomic handle with softgrip


  • Other features:
    • Coated and robust handle
    • Fold-down handle for space saving storage
    • Cable strain relief



Your benefits with electric cultivators


  • Endurance:
    Constant endurance through uninterrupted power supply


  • No interruptions:
    No interruption during the work, as the energy is directly supplied from the power socket


  • Less maintenance:
    No need to change spark plug / no refuel (compared to petrol hoes)


  • Low weight:
    Due to external power supply less weight than petrol tillers


  • No battery charging:
    No need to charge or replace batteries - electric cultivators offer a continuous cultivating


  • Eco-friendly and emission-free:
    The overall contribution to air pollution is significantly less compared with petrol tools



Product description

The IKRA IEM 800 S electric tiller is ideal for loosening the soil, for preparing the ground and for seed bed preparation. The tiller is your perfect partner for soil cultivation in your garden.

The powerful IKRA motor tiller has a 230 V electric motor rated at 800 W (electric cultivator). This guarantees a particularly low noise level whilst effortlessly loosening the ground in your garden.

The 16 blades on the 4 cutting tines guarantee efficient and simple preparation of the soil (soil loosening). The blades cut into the ground automatically and also ensure smooth running when tilling the soil. The blades penetrate the ground up to ca. 20 cm. The working width of the cultivator 30 cm. Drive is implemented via a worm drive, which runs in an oil bath. The transmission is particularly robust and is maintenance-free. The worm drive in the oil bath ensures automatic lubrication of the transmission.

IKRA cultivator IEM 800S

The height-adjustable tail skid (also known as a brake skid) enables the working depth to be individually adjusted. The tail skid helps here by allowing the cultivator discs to dig deeper into the soil (depth regulation or depth adjustment).  The lower down the tail skid is set, the deeper the device works into the ground. So, the tail skid helps determine the working depth when "crumbling the soil". The correct tilling depth is critical for optimum results when cultivating the ground and for seed bed preparation. The setting may vary depending on soil characteristics, e.g. with sandy or loamy ground.

The integrated transport wheels (support wheels) are perfectly suited for transporting the cultivator from one place to another. For transport, the tail skid is mounted such that the wheels are down in order to allow the cultivator to be moved. For working/tilling, the tail skid is mounted the other way up so that the wheels are up.

IKRA cultivator IEM 800S

The electric motor tiller is equipped with an electronic safety brake. If the throttle lever is released, the brake is triggered. The blades are then stopped immediately. The safety switch at the top right of the tiller serves as a switch-on interlock (child safeguard). The tool can only be started up with the lever after actuating this button. If the tool becomes too hot whilst running, for example by overstraining, the cultivator's overload protection device will trip and switch off the motor automatically for safety and to protect the motor.
This cable strain relief is on the right hand side of the cultivator's handle bars. This ensures that the plug remains perfectly fastened in place and does not lose its connection. The cable strain relief prevents accidental loosening or slackening of the extension cable. The cable is routed past the body by the cable strain relief and so the cable is no longer constantly in the way when working with the cultivator. This allows you to carry out the garden work in peace and free of stress.

After the garden work is finished, the cultivator can be neatly stored. The sturdy, coated handles of the electric plough can be quickly and simply folded up. The cultivator can be neatly stored in your garage or shed.

IKRA cultivator IEM 800S


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Your IKRA benefits

Benefit IKRA No. 1 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of gardening tools

We have been producing useful, cordless, electrical and petrol gardening tools for our customers since 1977. We can look back over a successful company history of more than 40 years. You are purchasing a high-quality branded product from IKRA –Gardening tools have been our speciality and our passion for more than 40 years.

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power (Watt)
800 Watt
230 V
working width
30 cm
working depth
up to 20 cm
steel tines / blades
4 steel tines with 16 blades
yes, height adjustable
worm gear in oil bath, automatic lubrication, robust, maintenance free
safety brake
safety switch
yes, with safety switch
overload protection
tiller handle
coated, stabil, foldable for space saving storage
softgrip handle
transport wheel
cable strain relief
sound power level
93 dB(A)
8,0 kg
2 years, optionally extendable to 4 years
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