Tonino Lamborghini Petrol Brushcutter PB 33SB TL Bike Handle

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Petrtol Brushcutter PB 33SB TL (0,9 kW) with spool (cutting head with grass entanglement protection) and cutting blade - cutting width 25,5 cm (knife) und 43 cm (spool), with bike handle and incl. shoulder strap - optimised, air-cooled 2-stroke-engine with easy start recoil system, reduced fuel consumption and long endurance


Product Details


  • Spool & Line:
    • Incl. 1x Spool DA-F16
    • Dual line, length of cutting line 2 x 2,0 m, ø 2,4 mm
    • Tap'n go line feed
    • Cutting width 43 cm
    • For cutting of grass and non-woody vegetation


  • Grass Entanglement Protection:
    • Innovative cutting head with grass entanglement protection


  • Brush Cutter Blade:
    • 3-tooth brush knife
    • Ideal for trimming "more robust plants", e.g. stinging-nettles or thistles
    • Cutting width 25,5 cm
    • For cutting of tall grass, dry branches, twigs and woody shrubs up to 2cm diameter


  • Handle & Shaft:
    • Adjustable Bike Handle (per EN ISO 11806-1:2011) for increased working comfort during extended periods of use
    • Aluminium tube (26 mm) for increased stability and lower vibration


  • Performance & Motor:
    • Optimised, air-cooled 2-stroke-engine
    • Reduced fuel consumption and long endurance
    • Displacement 32,6 cc
    • 0,9 kW


  • Ignition, Air Filter & Co.:
    • Easy start recoil system for effortless start
    • Digital electronic ignition for optimum power in all engine speed ranges
    • Chromed cylinder for more durability
    • Tool-free air filter change
      (Filter change possible without using additional tools)
    • Rigid, chrome-plated, steel drive shaft for high durability
    • Crank shaft with dual-bearing made from 20CrMo for reduced vibrations and longevity (smooth running and very low-wear)


  • Other Features:
    • Large petrol tank (900 ml)
    • Shoulder strap included (for optimal weight distribution)


  • Warranty:
    • 3-year manufacturer's warranty
    • Warranty extension: free expandable to 5 years upon product registration
    • Friendly & competent customer & technical hotline
    • Observe the warranty conditions

5 Years Warranty


Product description

Coming soon ...

engine / motor
optimised, air-cooled, 2-stroke-engine for reduded fuel consumption and long endurance
power (kW)
0,9 kW
32,6 cc
cutting system
tap'n go / dual line, 3-tooth brush knife
DA-F16 (73500700), included
3-tooth brush knife, included
grass entanglement
grass entanglement protection, innovative
line feed
tap'n go
length of cutting line
2 x 2,0 m
thickness of cutting line
2,4 mm
cutting width
43 cm (spool) / 25,5 cm (blades)
Bike Handle
bike handle
aluminium telescopic shaft
∅ 26 mm, increased stability and lower vibration
petrol tank capacity
900 ml / Mix 1:40, large petrol tank
unleaded petrol with a fuel grade of at least 90 N.O.
device operation
easy-start-system, digital electronic ignition for optimum power in all engine speed ranges
chromed cylinder for more durability
crank shaft
crank shaft with dual-bearing made from 20CrMo, for reduced vibrations and longevity
drive shaft
rigid, chrome-plated, steel drive shaft, for high durability
shoulder strap
yes, included, double shoulder strap, for even weight distribution
sound power level
114 dB(A)
7,40 kg
3 years, optionally extendable to 5 years
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