IKRA Benefits

Overview / Selection:

  1. 40 Years Success & Quality
  2. 10% Discount For New Customers
  3. Warranty / Warranty Extension
  4. Free Shipping Within Germany From 50.00 EUR
  5. Original IKRA Spare Parts & Accessories
  6. Great Service: Customer Service


IKRA 40 Years

Success & quality

Gardening tools have been our speciality and our passion for 40 years

A success story - 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of gardening tools:

We have been producing high-quality, cordless, electrical and petrol gardening tools for our customers since 1977. We can look back over a successful company history of more than 40 years. Gardening tools have been our speciality and our passion for more than 40 years.

We apply the same standards of quality that we have used for 40 years in the successful production of gardening tools, to the services that we provide in connection with each individual product.

IKRA is a well-known and well-respected brand for gardening tools. IKRA stands for durable, quality products. Our customer base has been growing with satisfied customers for forty years now. We would be delighted to welcome you as an IKRA customer too in the near future. IKRA - LOVE YOUR GARDEN - Working in the garden is one of Germany's favourite hobbies.

We can help you with modern, high-quality and functional gardening tools, such as lawn mowers, chainsaws, strimmers, hedge trimmers and more. Our ONE FOR ALL rechargeable battery solution is a particular favourite: One rechargeable battery for all gardening tools.

Our development team has developed and designed gardening tools for a great variety of different challenges and areas, with great attention to detail. Particular store was placed on ergonomic shapes, technical innovations and the weight of the tools - all factors that make garden work noticeably easier. Numerous patents and developments substantiate our development team's spirit of innovation.

IKRA was founded 1977 by Reinhard H. Jachmann. His objective was to produce and market electrical gardening tools. 2017: High quality standards, outstanding durability of the products and friendly service distinguish IKRA to this day. ... Please take a look at our complete Company history for the last 40 years from 1977 (founding) to 2017 ...



IKRA 10% discount

Register & save / review & and save again

10% new customer discount

Register with us as a new customer and get a 10% discount on your first order

It is very easy to register as a new customer in the IKRA web shop: Click on "My account" at the top right.

IKRA My account

A dialogue window opens. Click on the "Next" button beside "Register as a new customer".

New customer IKRA

After you have completed the registration form, you will immediately receive an email with your 10% voucher code. You can use this immediately with your first order here in the shop. Enter the voucher code in the shopping basket before submitting your order.

Please enter the voucher code in the shopping basket. Ideally, the code should be copied from your email and inserted in this form. To do so, highlight the voucher code. Click the right mouse button whilst the pointer is in the highlighted field. A selection menu appears. Select "Copy" here.

Copy voucher code
(Select and copy code)

The code is now in the clipboard of your computer. Now click the right mouse button whilst the pointer is in the "Voucher number" field in the shopping basket. A drop-down menu opens again. Now select "Paste" here and then click on the "Add" button beside the voucher code field with the left mouse button after the voucher code has appeared in the field.

The 10% discount is automatically subtracted from your invoice amount and you can "Go to the checkout".

paste voucher code
 (Right-click in the field and "Paste" - Add voucher code to order)

Save 10% today as a new IKRA customer.


10% discount as a thank-you after review

Are you already an IKRA customer and have already used your 10% new customer voucher?

Tip: Write a product review here in the shop for an article that you have ordered and receive an additional 10% discount by email as a thank-you for your time and trouble. We are delighted to see product reviews, regardless of whether praise or criticism. Both help us to optimise our products.

How do I evaluate products in the online shop?

You can submit product reviews in our shop via Trusted Shops.


IKRA 4 years warranty

Guarantee / Guarantee extension

IKRA brand tools have a 2-year manufacturer's guarantee. This applies to all IKRA gardening tools. The Ultralight hedge trimmers have a 3-year manufacturer's guarantee. You have the option to extend the manufacturer's guarantee to 4 years - IKRA stands for durable, quality products

You can find further details for the Service & Warranty here.

You have the option to extend the manufacturer's guarantee from two years to four years in the IKRA online shop. We underscore the durability and quality of our products with this. Enjoy the trouble-free use of our high-quality and durable IKRA gardening tools.

Our competent customer hotline and technical hotline are by your side throughout the complete guarantee period (of course also with the two-year and three-year guarantee periods) with advice and assistance. If your device should develop a defect within the guarantee period, we can guarantee you a quick repair. In the event of a service case, contact us and you can send the faulty device to us free of charge. The return shipping of the repaired device or the replacement device back to you is also free of charge.

You can extend the guarantee in the shopping basket during the order process. You can add the guarantee extension to your order with just one click of the mouse in the shopping basket.

It's as simple as this:

Shopping basket view - summary of your order with optional additional guarantee extension.

Warranty Extension 4 Years
(Click on "Add now" and the guarantee extension is added to your order)

Take advantage of four whole years of our competent service for our high-quality, durable products. 48-month IKRA device guarantee!


15-year service guarantee with the Ultralight hedge trimmers "Made in Germany":

With the Ultralight hedge trimmers FHS 1545 and FHS 1555, you have an IKRA service guarantee for the full 15 years. This means that we will maintain a stock of spare parts and accessory parts for the Ultralight hedge trimmers for 15 years.

You can order these spare parts simply in the online shop (spare parts shop) and they will be delivered directly to your door.

Our competent customer hotline and technical hotline is there for you if you have any questions regarding the world's lightest electrical hedge trimmers (with 2-hand safety switching).

If it is necessary to repair the device, we will ensure that it is back in service as quickly as possible.

All the advantages of the 15-year service guarantee at a glance:

  • Spare parts availability 15 years
  • Order spare parts online
  • Spare parts are delivered straight to your door
  • Quick repairs through our technical service*
  • Competent customer and technical hotline for questions

(Repair service on-site in Germany - cost-free repair during the guarantee period, thereafter cost-effective service repairs after cost estimate (provided free of charge) - you can find the details for repairs here)



free shipping within Germany

Free shipping from EUR 50.00

With orders of 50.00 EUR or more, to be delivered in Germany, shipping is free. You save EUR 3.99 shipping costs (Germany). Your order will be delivered to you quickly and reliably through the well-known DPD package service. You package will arrive safely, intact and punctually.

Keep an eye on your package at all times with the DPD shipment tracker.

Paket Navigator

You can install the Paket Navigator from DPD on your smartphone. This allows you to keep an eye on your package at all times and can control when and where your package will be delivered, if you are not going to be home. You can also track your shipment directly in the App. Alternatively, you can also track your shipment without using the App via paketnavigator.de in the Internet. On the day of delivery, DPD will give you a one-hour time window for the delivery via live tracking in the Paket Navigator. This enables you to know exactly when the DPD delivery agent will ring your doorbell, until just before the actual delivery.

DPD's flexible delivery options at a glance:

  • Delivery to another address (e.g. office)
  • Delivery to neighbours
  • Leave package in designated safe place
  • Delivery to DPD pick-up package shop
  • Postponement of the delivery by up to 7 days

Of course, we also deliver our durable and practical, high-quality gardening products to other European countries with DPD. You can find a complete overview of the shipping costs here:

Shipping costs for Europe


Flexible and reliable:
So, IKRA gardening tools will be a pleasure - even the shipping!



IKRA spare parts and accessories

Original IKRA spare parts & accessories

All spare parts and original accessories for our gardening tools are available simply online

The big advantage with IKRA is that we are able to offer an excellent spare parts service. Spare parts for all IKRA gardening tools can be ordered easily from us here in the online shop. Suitable accessory items such as cutting line spools, rechargeable batteries, blades or replacement chains for example, for certain IKRA devices are always available online. Of course, IKRA also maintains a stock of spare parts and accessory parts for older gardening tools. Customer service and functionality are a priority with us. Put an end to frustration when enjoying Germany's finest hobby – enjoying the sense of well-being in the garden and on the lawn with IKRA brand equipment. If you cannot find the right spare part or accessory for your gardening tool in our shop, please contact our friendly customer hotline:

+49 (0) 6071-3003-0 or use our contact form.

The following accessories and consumables can be simply and easily ordered online in our IKRA accessory shop:

Original IKRA spare parts:

You can find suitable spare parts for all IKRA gardening tools, even for older tools, here on the IKRA homepage. You can find spare parts quickly and simply, even if you don't know the exact article number for the spare part. How does this work? This applies to all of our gardening tools thanks to our practical exploded view drawings.

In order to find a suitable spare part, simply navigate to our "Spare parts" section.

Top navigation:

Spare Parts

To search for spare parts, enter the name of the device that the spare parts are intended for. For example, if you are looking for spare parts for the IKRA IGBS 1054 LI grass shears, enter this designation in the search field.

Searching Spare Parts

Now the desired grass shears are listed in the list below. Now click on the article name in order to open the exploded view drawing.

Open Manual to see spare parts

The exploded view drawing for the respective device opens. Now you can identify all possible spare parts applicable to this device. You can also identify the corresponding article numbers.

Here is an example of an exploded view drawing:

exploded view drawing spare parts

If you need a new charger for the IGBS 1054 LI already mentioned, for example, click on the article number 50800148 beside the image of the charge cable.

click on exploded view drawing

As soon as you have clicked on the article number the associated article page conveniently opens. You do not need to note down the number in order to go back to the product search. With just one click, you land directly on the article page and can order the desired IKRA spare part quickly and simply.

IKRA ordering spare parts

The article number in the exploded view drawing cannot be clicked!?
If the article number should not be able to be clicked in the exploded view drawing, perhaps due to an internal fault, please simply make a note of the article number, then close the exploded view drawing and enter the article number that you noted in the search field at the top of the page. It is quick and simple to find the article sought in this way too. Please excuse this inconvenience of the article number in the exploded view drawing not being able to be clicked. Of course, we are always working to eliminate such faults.

Searching IKRA spare parts

OKAY, IKRA, Primaster, Wingart, etc. are in the overview?
You can find suitable spare parts and materials for different brands in our spare parts shop. If you have purchased a device with the IKRA brand name, for example from our shop, please click on the appropriate brand, IKRA in this case, beside the device type in order to see the correct, possibly colour-coordinated, spare parts, for example a housing.

IKRA spare parts manufacturer

Where do I find the article name?

The respective article name can be found, for example on

  • The type designation directly on the device
    IKRA type-designation
  • Operating instructions
    IKRA Manual
  • Packaging / outer packaging
    IKRA outer packing
  • Order confirmation / invoice

If you have difficulty finding the desired IKRA spare part - regardless of the reason - we will be delighted to help you, with no fuss. Simply send us a short email or pick up the phone and give us a call. Our friendly service personnel will quickly help you.

email: kundenservice@ikra.de
Tel: +49 (0) 6071-3003-0



IKRA Customer Service

Great service: Customer service

Our friendly customer service team will be delighted to provide competent and timely assistance by telephone or by email

Take advantage of our exclusive IKRA customer service. We will provide you with excellent and competent support with all of your questions concerning the first use and operation of IKRA gardening tools. We will help you, quickly and reliably. We will be happy to answer technical questions on any tools.

Our customer Service Hotline:

+49 (0) 6071-3003-0 / kundenservice@ikra.de

or use our contact form