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Shrub shears - Trimming decorative hedges and shrubs

Shape your decorative hedge or cut back shrubs and bushes with thin branches easily with the shrub shears. This useful gardening tool is a quick help when shaping and cutting back small hedges such as boxwoods, or shrubs and bushes..

The small and handy shrub trimmer is also a useful aid in the cemetery when tending to graves. Consider the ivy growing down your walls too. The bush shears can also be useful here.

The shaping of the sides of small hedges and shrubs can be even better accomplished with the lockable telescopic pole. This helpful extension for the shrub shears can be purchased from us in the online shop.

The multifunction gardening tool can be quickly converted to grass shears by changing the blades. This enables you to make a great job of trimming lawn edges at walls and fences. They can also be a great help for trimming grass on narrow lawn areas, at pathways or bed boundaries.

Shrub shears are not a replacement for hedge trimmers. If you have a large or long hedge with tough twigs or thick branches around your house for privacy, use an IKRA hedge trimmer or a telescopic hedge trimmer. A popular model for this is the Ultralight, lightweight hedge trimmer for example.

Discover in this section also our high quality & versatile Tonino Lamborghini Grass & Shrub Shears.

  • IKRA Cordless Grass- & Shrub Shear IGBS 3.6 USB (3,6 V / 1,3 Ah) flexible charging function with USB plug - tool-free quick blade change, comfortable softgrip, 3-position angle adjustable handle   Product Details   Blades & cutting performance: Tool-free quick blade change Cutting width (grass shear): 7 cm Cutting length (shrub shear): 11,5 cm   Handle: Comfortable softgrip 3-position angel adjustable...

  • IKRA Cordless Grass-/Shrub Shear IGBS 1054 LI (7,2 V / 2,2 Ah) lightweight, handy and powerful - blades Made in Germany, laser cut and diamond ground blades, tool-free quick blade change, comfortable softgrip handle, incl. battery, charger and storage bag   Product Details   Blades & cutting performance: Laser cut and diamond ground blades Blades " Made in Germany " Tool-free quick blade change Cutting width (grass shear): 7,5 cm...


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  • Cordless Grass-/Shrub Shear GBK 6100 LI TL (7,2 V / 2,5 Ah) lightweight, handy and powerful - laser cut and diamond ground blades, tool-free quick blade change, comfortable softgrip handle, incl. grubber, battery, charger and nylon textile bag   Product Details   Grass shear: Laser cut and diamond ground blades for clean and powerful cuts Galvanized blades to prevent the blades from corrosion Tool-free quick blade change , unique...


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Shaping hedges and shrubs

Are you proud of your garden with its wonderful hedges and shrubs? Whilst you can use hedge trimmers or telescopic hedge trimmers to take care of long and large privacy hedges on the edge of your property, use shrub shears for smaller decorative hedges and shrubs. What is the difference in the use of these two tools? Hedge trimmers or shrub shears? The hedge trimmers allow you to trim very large hedges with thicker stalks and branches with great ease. The shrubs shears are better suited to decorative hedges (e.g. boxwood) and shrubs with thinner branches. Note the respective cutting gap of the tools.

Hedges are a well-loved privacy screen and a particularly attractive one at that. As a "fence replacement", hedges are also perfect as a demarcation for properties. Large hedges are great for providing shade in your garden and protect from draughts. On busy streets, they can also serve as protection from noise and can clean the air of exhaust gases and road dust. In addition, they provide a place for nature in your garden, as the "living fence" is an important habitat for animals, for example as a nesting area for birds. For time-saving and effortless care of such hedges, hedge trimmers are ideal. For example the lightest electric hedge trimmer in the world with 2-hand safety switching: Ultralight hedge trimmers

Further informations:

Shrub shear in use

Now perhaps you not only have a privacy screen around your property, but also or only small decorative hedges such as boxwoods for shrubs or bushes. In contrast to hedges, shrubs do not require a shaping cut but rather they require thinning. This thinning promotes plant growth and enhances the health of the plant. Shrubbery is best trimmed with shrub shears. The shrubs can be quickly and efficiently trimmed with shrub shears. Cutting the shrubs back keeps the plants beautifully cared for and gives them an attractive appearance again. Normally, shrubs are cut back in late autumn or winter. Find out the best time to thin or cut back your shrubs and bushes.

With the shrub shears it is possible to experiment with a little practise and courage, to cut beautiful shapes and figures (shaping) even with decorative hedges and decorative bushes, just as with the well-known boxwood. Thuja, cypress and yew can also be beautifully shaped. These plants are perfect for this. Try it out with the shrub shears - use them to create beautiful shapes and conjure up a little "art" in your garden. Shrub shears are very light and so are perfect for this fine work. Do not be afraid of cutting off "too much". You can give your full concentration to the task at hand and will not be tired out when designing shapes and figures in your garden. Practise patience - the rechargeable battery powered shrub shears can also do a good job with this shaping, just as mechanical shears.

Shrub shear

Which plants can be cut or thinned with shrub shears?

Egal ob Formschnitt oder Feinschnitt für Zierhecken oder Auslichtungsschnitt, Verjüngungsschnitt oder Erhaltungsschnitt für Büsche und Sträucher - die Strauchschere hilft hier jederzeit kräfteschonend und präzise.

Whether general shaping or fine trimming of decorative hedges or thinning, rejuvenating trimming or maintenance trimming for bushes and shrubs - the shrub shears are a precision aid that will always be there to take the strain.
Shrubs and bushes:

  • Decorative shrubs
  • Wild shrubs
  • Fruit-bearing shrubs
  • Berry bushes
  • Thorn bushes
  • Flowering shrubs
  • Evergreen shrubs
  • Deciduous shrubs / summer-blooming shrubs


  • Small decorative hedges
  • Small-leaved decorative hedges and ornamental shrubs
  • Boxwoods / small boxwood hedges
  • etc.

Climbing plants:

  • Ivy
  • Climbing roses / rambler rose
  • etc.

The listing of plant types has been deliberately kept very general. Finally, you can decide for yourself what you would like to use and what you can use the shrub shears for, depending on the type of shrub, hedge and climbing plant. Use this useful tool to suit your requirements in the garden. Above all else, note the thickness of the twigs and shoots. These should not be too tough or too thick when using the shrub shears. The branches should be able to be easily cut through with the shrub shear blades. Note the information on the cutting thickness specified for the shrub shears. The shears are particularly well-loved for trimming boxwoods.

Extra reach for the shrub shears

Do you have somewhat taller shrubs and bushes that you struggle to reach with your arms? There is a useful telescopic pole for IKRA shrub shears in order to be able to reach branches on taller shrubs. You can use this in conjunction with the shrub blade attachment in order to prune and trim taller shrubs and bushes. Some telescopic poles can be angled. This also enables the side shaping cut to be easily taken care of on small decorative hedges. Most of the telescopic pole can be further extended. This enables you to reach higher branches and stalks easily. All extension arms for shrub shears can be found in the "Wheeled poles" section. The wheeled poles can be used for grass shears, shrub shears and combination garden shears. Note the corresponding model designation in order to be able to determine the devices for which the extension is suitable. With all of our tools, the associated accessories will also be shown.

The shrub shear as grass shear

We offer the shrub shears as a combination tool. So, the shrub shears need not only be restricted to trimming bushes and shrubs, but thanks to the grass shears attachment, can also be used as grass shears for your lawn. With the grass trimming blade, the edges of lawns and inaccessible areas of grass surfaces may be cut cleanly. Examples of use can include the smallest of grass areas or the edges of lawns at fences and walls or underneath benches. Corners, shaped edges and tight spaces can also be easily reached with the help of the grass shears. Whatever you cannot reach with the lawn mower, you can reach easily with the practical grass shears. For example, if you only have very narrow decorative grass strips in your garden, your lawn mower will have very little access here. The grass shears are the solution for trimming the grass here. The cutters of the grass shears trim the blades of grass with precision. The blades of the grass will not fray thanks to the sharp cutting edge. Just like the shrub shears, the grass shears are an integral part of your well-sorted gardening equipment.

Grass shears and shrub shears