IKRA Electric Chainsaw IECS 2240 TF

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IKRA Electric Chainsaw IECS 2240 TF (2.200 W) with OREGON branded bar and low-vibration chain (tool-free chain assembly and tensioning) - cutting length ca. 39,7 cm - ergonomic handle with softgrip for comfortable working - easy assembling of chain and bar by self standing saw


Product Details


  • Performance:
    • powerful: 2.200 Watt


  • Chain & Bar:
    • OREGON branded bar and chain
    • Low-vibration chain
    • Cutting length 397 mm
    • Tool-free chain assembly and tensioning
    • Easy assembling of chain and bar by self standing saw
    • Automatic chain lubrication
    • Oil level indicator


  • Handle & Fell handle:
    • Ergonomic handle with softgrip
    • Comfortable fell handle for horizontal and vertical cut


  • Safety features & Brakes:
    • Electronic rundown brake (chain brake)
    • Mechanical (inertia) kick-back brake
    • Chain catch bolt
    • Metal bumper / chainsaw spike
    • Safety switch


  • Other features:
    • Easy to handle
    • Comfortable working
    • Cable strain relief
    • Blade protection included



Your benefits with electric chainsaws


  • Endurance:
    Constant endurance through uninterrupted power supply


  • No interruptions:
    No interruption during the work, as the energy is directly supplied from the power socket


  • Less maintenance:
    No need to change spark plug / no refuel (compared to petrol chainsaw)


  • Low weight:
    Due to external power supply less weight than petrol chain saws


  • No battery charging:
    No need to charge or replace batteries - electric chain saws offer a continuous sawing


  • Eco-friendly and emission-free:
    The overall contribution to air pollution is significantly less compared with petrol tools



Product description

The IECS 2240 TF electric chainsaw from IKRA is ideally suited to lopping, tree felling, chopping tree trunks and chopping firewood for the wood stove. The chainsaw has a powerful motor rated at 2,200 Watts. With a cutting length (usable length) of ca. 40 centimetres and a chain speed of 12.1 m/s, thicker tree trunks and branches can be cut "like a hot knife through butter". The chainsaw has particularly high tractive power.

Operation of the cost-effective electric chainsaw is particularly easy and is also very manageable – it sits well in the hands when sawing. The robust and reliable firewood chainsaw is equipped with original branded guide bar with deflection sprocket and saw chain from OREGON, the world market leader for saw chains. OREGON chains and chainsaw guide bars stand for reliability, perfect cutting power and fulfil the highest safety standards. The saw chains from OREGON are distinguished by low vibrations. The low-vibration chain is capable of particularly high cutting performance. An anti-vibration chain is also less strenuous to work with and ensures secure chain guidance.

IKRA electric chainsaw IECS 2240 TF

The OREGON saw chain and the chainsaw guide bar can be simply assembled. The sprocket cover can be opened quickly and simply without tools by means of the clamp screw (knurled screw) on the side. You do not need a tool to open the sprocket cover or for chain and guide bar mounting. Thanks to the special standing base, the electric chainsaw is safe and stable when placed down, for example when changing the OREGON saw chain. The chain is tensioned with the help of the integrated chain tensioning ring on the outside of the sprocket cover. So, the chain can be tensioned without the need for tools. This simplifies the chain fitting and chain tensioning tremendously.

The integrated chain lubrication supplies the saw chain continuously and automatically with lubricating oil throughout the sawing. The oil tanks of the electric chainsaw holds 210 millilitres of oil. There is an oil viewing window integrated into the tank where you can quickly see whether there is still enough oil in the tank. If you need to add some oil, this can be done quickly and easily by unscrewing the screw cap on the top of the device. In order to guarantee the continuous lubrication of the saw chain, always ensure that there is enough oil in the chainsaw tank. Tip: Bio chain oil should ideally be used as chainsaw oil. You can also find chainsaw oil in the IKRA online shop. The automatic chain lubrication ensures safe working and durability of the chainsaw and the saw chain.

IKRA electric chainsaw IECS 2240 TF

The electric chainsaw is equipped with all basic safety devices for your personal protection and to prevent injuries, as standard. The electric firewood saw has the following safety devices: Mechanical kickback brake, mechanical run-on brake, hand guard and chain catching pins.

The hand brake (kickback brake) engages if the tip of the chainsaw guide bar makes contact with a solid object. A hazardous guide bar kickback is prevented (recoil effect).

The chain brake (run-on brake) ensures the automatic braking of the running chain after the chainsaw has been switched off. The chain brake is triggered by the release of the on/off switch (power button). The hand guard can also trigger the run-on brake.

The hand guard protects your hand and fingers from injury through contact with the chain. If the chainsaw is jammed, for example if the tip of the guide bar makes contact with a solid object, then the hand guard triggers the chain brake. The hand guard is pushed forwards towards the chain by the reflex of your hand. This immediately stops the chain and protects you from injury. 

IKRA electric chainsaw IECS 2240 TF

If the chain breaks whilst cutting with the chainsaw, the chain catching pins will catch the whipping chain and draw this into the device for your safety. This prevents injuries to the hands.

The electric chainsaw has ergonomic and comfortable hand grips, front and rear, with soft grips. The soft grip on the hand grip prevents hands slipping. So, the soft grip material ensures a safe hold and comfortable handling. The soft grip material also helps to prevent unpleasant blisters forming on the hands when working with the electric chainsaw for longer periods.

The start button and the stop button (safety switch) for starting the device are located on the rear handle of the electric chainsaw. Both vertical and horizontal cuts can be carried out with the front grip and its dropped side bar extension. Hold the grip in the standard manner, at the top, to carry out a vertical cut. The side, dropping section of the front grip can be used to carry out a horizontal cut with the electric chainsaw. The dropping section of the front grip helps to cut wood accurately as well as more comfortably and more easily.

IKRA electric chainsaw IECS 2240 TF

The integrated spiked bumper of the chainsaw enables the motor block to safely grip the timber whilst the saw chain of the chainsaw is running. This helps to prevent uncontrolled bucking of the chainsaw. The useful spiked bumper can also be used to create a lever effect in order to apply targeted pressure to the saw chain.

The cable strain relief ensures that the plug-in connection between the extension cable and the chainsaw always remains secure. This prevents the cable becoming loose during the work. To fasten the power cable simply make a small loop in the cable and slide this through the opening provided on the chainsaw - the so-called cable strain relief. The strain relief hook is located on the rear hand grip.

A guide bar sleeve is included in the delivery. Use this to cover the guide bar and the chain of the chainsaw during storage. This prevents injuries and soiling of the guide bar and the chain. Store the chainsaw in a location that is inaccessible to children, ideally one that can be locked. The cellar, garage or garden shed, would be possible for example.

IKRA electric chainsaw IECS 2240 TF


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power (Watt)
2.200 Watt
230 V
bar length
40,6 cm / 16"
cutting length
39,7 cm
chain speed
12,1 m/s
bar / saw chain
OREGON branded bar with sprocket nose, low-vibration chain, saw chain 91PX057X (No. 11 / 30019571), included
chain assembly
tool-free, easy by selfstanding saw
chain tensioning
automatic chain lubrication
oil tank
210 ml
oil level indicator
yes, with oil inspection window
run-down brake
mechanical chain brake
kick-back brake (inertia)
yes, metal bumper
fell handle
yes, for horizontal and vertical cut
softgrip handle, ergonomic
safety switch
yes, with safety switch
cable strain relief
sound power level
112 dB(A)
5,00 kg
2 years, optionally extendable to 4 years
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