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Chainsaws and pruners - Cutting firewood and tree care

Powerful chainsaws cut through wood "like butter". You can purchase powerful, high-performance chainsaws for tree care here in the IKRA shop. You can effortlessly chop firewood for winter with the chainsaws. You can also use these powerful tools for tree felling, cropping or delimbing.

Are you planning to thin your fruit tree or would you like to reach the twigs and branches of your deciduous tree - without having to clamber about on a wobbly ladder or scaffolding? We have adjustable-height telescopic pruners for fruit tree care and for thinning out the crowns of trees. From the ground, you can reach branches up to four metres off the ground perfectly.

All chainsaws and pruners from IKRA are equipped with high-quality branded guide bars and low-vibration saw chains from OREGON.

Discover in this section also our high-quality & high-torque Tonino Lamborghini chainsaws (Made in Germany).

  • Hint! Cordless Telescopic Pruner IAAS 40-25

    IKRA Cordless Telescopic Pruner IAAS 40-25 (40V / 2,5 Ah) with OREGON...

    free shipping Germany
  • Electric Telescopic Hedge Trimmer Pruner 2in1 ITHK 800

    IKRA Electric Telescopic Hedge Trimmer & Pruner Combi Gardening Tool 2...

    free shipping Germany
  • Electric Telescopic Pruner IEAS 750

    IKRA Lightweight Telescopic Pruner IEAS 750 (750 W) with OREGON branded...

    free shipping Germany
  • Hint! Cordless Chainsaw IAK 40-3025

    IKRA Cordless Chainsaw IAK 40-3025 with brushless motor and tool-free...

    free shipping Germany
  • Electric Chainsaw IECS 2240 TF

    IKRA Electric Chainsaw IECS 2240 TF (2.200 W) with OREGON branded bar and...

    free shipping Germany
  • Electric Chainsaw IECS 1835

    IKRA Electric Chainsaw IECS 1835 (1.800 W) with OREGON branded bar and...

    free shipping Germany
  • Hint! Petrol 4 in 1 Garden Tool Set IBKH 33

    Petrol Multitool IBKH 33 (0,9 kW) 4 in 1 gardening tool - usable as string...

    free shipping Germany
  • Hint! Electric Chainsaw KS 6024

    Electric Chainsaw KS 6024 (2.400 W) with nylon coated professional gear,...

    free shipping Germany
  • Petrol Multitool Pruner Hedgetrimmer Brushcutter Stringtrimmer PPC 33 TL (4 in 1 Set)

    Petrol Multitool PPC 33 TL (0,9 kW) 4 in 1 gardening tool - usable as...

    free shipping Germany
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With or without cable: Chainsaws cut wood quickly and cleanly

Chainsaws are the perfect partner for a great variety of tasks. For example, if you have a tree to fell on your property - reach for the chainsaw. Once the tree is on the ground you can then remove the branches from the felled tree with the chainsaw.  Then you can cut the tree into suitable lengths and chop it up into 30 cm sections. These can be used for making firewood. After consultation with the forestry department you can even use the chainsaw to cut up tree trunks for firewood (for your own private use) not only in your garden but also out in the forest. You can then bring the prepared, sections of tree trunk home to your garden in a trailer for further chopping into firewood. You can quarter the sections of trunk with a log splitter or axe. The split logs can then be stored in your firewood store. Store the wood for ca. one to three years before using it in your fire.

Thanks to the sharp chain, the tractive force and the power, the chainsaw is a useful aid - even for beginners - when felling trees, removing branches, shortening tree trunks, creating a wood store for the winter and when building with wood. Whichever purpose you need this useful saw for - it will be a powerful ally when working with wood and trees.

Sawing wood with chainsaw

In the garden, you can put an electric chainsaw to good use as there is always a power outlet nearby and available for the work, either an exterior power outlet in the garden or an interior power outlet from the apartment or the garage. Thanks to the continuous power supply, you can carry out woodworking tasks in your garden without interruption. Of course, you can also rely on a cordless chainsaw in order to have more freedom. Cordless chainsaws are naturally indispensable when working in the forest, for example when cutting tree trunks down to length for firewood, as there are no power outlets within reach here. Experienced amateur firewood cutters will take a second fully-charged battery with them into the forest in order to be able to work for longer without interruption. Once the first rechargeable battery is empty, the replacement battery can be quickly inserted. Then the work can continue. For example, you can work with the cordless chainsaw IAK 40-3025 for almost 30 minutes and with a replacement battery in your bag, almost one and a half hours. In contrast to petrol chainsaws, cordless electric chainsaws are an environmentally friendly alternative for working in the forest.
A pruner is an indispensable and practical tool for thinning out a fruit tree in your garden, for carrying out tree care, or for simply being able to reach the branches and boughs in the crown of a deciduous tree. From the ground, you can reach branches up to four metres off the ground. So, you can carry out the tree care in comfort. You can also reach twisted and hard to reach branches and boughs with ease. Because you are operating the tool from the ground, your safe footing is guaranteed. Thanks to the pole pruner you do not need to clamber about on a wobbly ladder or build scaffolding for the work on the tree. The telescopic gardening tools are particularly light thanks to the aluminium and fibreglass pole. This ensures that working with the pole chainsaw is not tiring and your shoulders and arms are protected.

Sawing wood with chainsaw

Safety devices and protective clothing

Safety tips for handling chainsaws for hobby users and hobby gardeners: Every chainsaw has safety devices such as kickback brake (hand brake), run-on brake (chain brake), chain catching pins and safety switching order to reduce a possible risk of accidents with the device. In addition to the safety devices installed, you should also take care of your own safety by ensuring that you always wear the following, recommended safety clothing when working with the chainsaw: Cut-protection trousers, tight-fitting outer clothing, cut-protection jacket, safety boots with cut-protection and steel toecaps, protective goggles (e.g. protective helmet with visor / face protection), ear defenders (e.g. over-ear encapsulated ear defenders), cut-protection gloves - always work carefully and safely with chainsaws. Tip: For more experience and increased safety when handling chainsaws, you can look for a chainsaw course and train for a chainsaw certificate. This will teach you better everyday working practises for this useful gardening tool.

Safety equipment

  • Chain brake (run-on brake)
  • Hand brake (kickback brake)
  • Chain catching pins
  • Metal spiked bumper
  • Safety switch with switch-on lock

Protective clothing

  • Cut-protection gloves
  • Cut-protection trousers
  • Tight and close-fitting outer clothing
  • Cut-protection jacket
  • Safety goggles (e.g. protective helmet with visor / face protection)
  • Hearing protection (e.g. over-ear encapsulated ear defenders)
  • Safety shoes or safety boots

Sawing wood with chainsaw