Forgot Password


Forgotten your password for the shop log-in?

Are you already a customer of the IKRA online shop, but have forgotten your password? You can reset this easily via "My account".

Click on the "My account" button at the top right:

IKRA My account

Now click on "Forgotten your password?".

Forgotten password

Forgotten password

A new page appears where you can request to enter a new password. To do so, please simply enter the email address with which you registered in the IKRA online shop. If you no longer know the email address that you used to register with us, please contact our customer service.

Request forgotten password

Then click on "Request password". Within a few seconds you will receive an email with a randomly generated password. If you do not see an email in your postbox, it may be necessary to check your Spam folder. If there is no email there either, please contact our customer service.

Ideally, the password should be copied from your email and inserted in this form. To do so, highlight the password. Click the right mouse button whilst the pointer is in the highlighted field. A selection menu appears. Select "Copy" here.

copy password from e-mail

The password is now in the clipboard of your computer. Now open the customer account, top right, on the IKRA web site again.

IKRA My account

Then enter your email address in the top field again. Now click the right mouse button whilst the pointer is in the field, after "Your password". A drop-down menu opens again. Now select "Paste" here. The password is now inserted from the clipboard and you can "Log in".

Paste forgotten password

After logging in, you are in your customer account. Please change the password generated by us here. Please enter a new password.

Change password

Enter the password from the email again in the "Your current password" field. Enter the new personal password in the "New password" field. Please repeat this in the "Repeat password" field and then click on the "Change password" button. Your personal password is active, effective immediately and you can now use this for all future log-ins.

Change password in customer account

If you have any additional questions please contact our customer service. We hope you enjoy using the IKRA online shop.