Made in Germany


IKRA Made in Germany

1. Our "Made in Germany" products: Ultralight hedge trimmers (FHS 1545 and FHS 1555)

We have deliberately chosen the German site for the Ultralight hedge trimmers in order to guarantee a high quality standard. With our German manufacturing facility, we guarantee great flexibility, innovative strength and sustainable production in accordance with the latest ecological standards.

Our development team has developed and designed gardening tools for a great variety of different challenges and areas, with great attention to detail. Here particular store was placed on ergonomic forms, technical innovations and the weight of the tools - all factors that make garden work noticeably easier. Numerous patents and developments substantiate our development team's spirit of innovation.

We preferred to rely on manufacturers with German or European manufacturing facilities for the raw materials and bought-in parts for the Ultralight hedge trimmers. Environmental concerns play an important role in all of our business activities. We always take ecological standards into account during product development, when selecting raw materials, with production processes and with packaging concepts. Our products use cadmium-free plastics and chlorine-free packaging. Special contracts with our raw materials suppliers ensure compliance with our high quality and environmental standards.

In conjunction with our trading partners, we dispose of the packaging materials with Dualen System Deutschland (DSD) and Interseroh GmbH (ISD).

Of course, the complete manufacturing process in Germany is certified per ISO-9001. The ISO standard stands for a high degree of customer-orientation, customer trust, high quality standards, flexibility and sustainability.


2. Tonino Lamborghini products Made in Germany

  • Electric Hedge Trimmer HS 6050
  • Electric Hedge Trimmer HS 6050 D
  • Electric Hedge Trimmer HS 6070
  • Cordless Hedge Trimmer AHS 6024 LI
  • Electric Chainsaw KS 6024
  • Electric Lawn Trimmer RT 6050
  • Electric Lawn Trimmer RTV 6050
  • Cordless Lawn Trimmer RT 6024 LI


3. Blades Made in Germany

Blades Made in Germany

We likewise use "Made in Germany" quality for the blades in selected hedge trimmers. The following hedge trimmers and telescopic hedge trimmers have "Made in Germany" quality blades. The quality blades are laser-cut, reciprocating and diamond-ground blades with an aluminium rail.

Also with our cordless grass and shrub shears IGBS 1054 LI and GBK 6100 LI TL, both of the cutters supplied are "Made in Germany": Grass blade and shrub blade - thanks to the tool-free quick blade change system, the cutters can be swapped to suit the current use  


IKRA: German site

A great advantage that we have because of our German site is also that spare parts and accessory parts (wearing parts such as chains and cutting line spools) are available at short notice. You can order these quickly and simply directly from us here in the online shop. The spare parts and accessory parts are stored in Germany and can be with you within a few days. Alongside the excellent IKRA spare parts and accessories service, we also have a competent and friendly service and technical hotline. Customer service and functionality are a priority with us.


  • Order spare parts online
    (In our online shop
  • Spare parts are delivered straight to your door
    (Short transport routes between German stores and customers)
  • Quick repairs through our technical service
    (Repair service, on-site in Germany)
  • Competent customer and technical hotline for questions
    (German-speaking service hotline: +49 (0) 6071-3003-0)


Put an end to frustration when enjoying Germany's finest hobby – enjoying the sense of well-being in the garden and on the lawn with IKRA brand equipment.


IKRA Made in Germany