Company history and your benefits with IKRA

A success story: 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of gardening tools

We have been producing high-quality, cordless, electrical and petrol gardening tools for our customers since 1977. We can look back over a successful company history of more than 40 years. Gardening tools have been our speciality and our passion for more than 40 years.

IKRA 40 Years

IKRA 1977
Founding of IKRA by Reinhard H. Jachmann
Objective: To produce and market electrical gardening tools

We have been producing high-quality gardening tools for 40 years. The course of our success began in 1977 with the introduction of the first strimmer to the market by the company founder Reinhard H. Jachmann.

IKRA 1978
Cooperation with AEG for the development and manufacturing of strimmers

IKRA 1982
Starting year for the first electrical chainsaw

IKRA 1986
The first electrical hedge trimmers were produced

IKRA 1989
The first rechargeable battery arrives - the IKRA range is expanded with the first cordless grass shears and the first cordless strimmer

IKRA 1992
Founding of the mogatec production facility in Saxony by Reinhard H. Jachmann, initially with 18 employees

IKRA mogatec

We can guarantee the flexibility and innovative strength of IKRA und mogatec as well as the individuality of the products by carrying out the development and manufacturing of our products in Germany too. For this reason, we founded the mogatec production facility in Saxony in 1992, where our efficient and cost-effective manufacturing is carried out. In peak periods we employ more than 200 personnel there, producing up to 6,000 strimmers, 3,000 hedge trimmers and 2,000 chainsaws daily, working in two shifts from Monday to Saturday. The combination of the large-scale production site with 70,000 sqm and the total storage space of 20,000 sqm with the latest logistics facilities offers optimum conditions. Sustainable production in accordance with the latest ecological standards is par for the course here naturally.


IKRA 1998
Petrol brush cutters are integrated into the IKRA range

IKRA 2010
High-quality Lithium ion batteries replace the previous rechargeable batteries

IKRA 2017
Beschäftigung von 261 Mitarbeitern in der Firmengruppe IKRA mogatec

261 personnel employed in the IKRA mogatec group
Quality, individuality, flexibility and attractive prices form our philosophy for satisfied customers. Through continuous product improvements and innovations, our international team creates gardening tools that can assert themselves in the market and guarantee long-term customer satisfaction. We will also continue our successful course into the future with a broad product range and numerous new developments and further developments in the gardening sector.

High quality standards, outstanding durability of the products and friendly service distinguish IKRA to this day. We develop and manufacture our products using the latest technologies and organisational processes. Functional and ergonomic aspects are just as important in the design of our products as modern styling. New developments are carried out with nationally and internationally renowned designers and our own engineers. At the same time, research studies, comprehensive laboratory testing and prototype construction also support the development of our new products.

We always pay attention to the compatibility of accessory parts during product modifications or new developments. Important wearing parts, such as hedge trimmer blades and grass shear blades, cutting line spools, rechargeable batteries, guide bars or replacement chains for example, remain almost unchanged for more than a decade - without impairing the continuous technical progress of the products. Spacious production facilities allow the use of the latest technical and organisational systems. Each individual device leaves the factory after a final quality assurance check. Of course, the complete manufacturing process in Germany is certified per ISO-9001.

We apply the same standards of quality that we have used for 40 years in the successful production of gardening tools, to the services that we provide in connection with each individual product.

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Spare parts and accessories

The big advantage with IKRA is that we are able to offer our customers an excellent spare parts service. IKRA spare parts for all IKRA gardening tools can be ordered easily from us here in the online shop. Suitable accessory items such as blades, saw chains or cutting line spools for example, are always available online. Of course, IKRA also maintains a stock of spare parts and accessory parts for older items. Customer service and functionality are a priority with us. Put an end to frustration when enjoying Germany's finest hobby – enjoying the sense of well-being in the garden and on the lawn with IKRA brand equipment. If you cannot find the right spare part or accessory for your gardening tool in our web shop, please feel free to contact our friendly customer hotline:
+49 (0) 6071-3003-0 or use our contact form.

Customer service

Take advantage of our exclusive IKRA customer service. We will provide you with competent and friendly support with all of your questions concerning the first use and operation of IKRA gardening tools. We will help you, quickly and reliably. We will be happy to answer technical questions on any tools. Our customer hotline:
+49 (0) 6071-3003-0 or use our contact form.

4-year optional guarantee

You have the option to extend the manufacturer's guarantee from 2 years to 4 years. We underscore the durability and quality of our products with this option. Enjoy the trouble-free use of our high-quality and durable IKRA gardening tools. Our competent customer hotline and technical hotline are by your side throughout the complete guarantee period with advice and assistance. If your device should develop a defect within the guarantee period, we can guarantee you a quick repair. In the event of a service case, contact us and you can send the faulty device back to us free of charge. The return shipping of the repaired device or the replacement device back to you is also free of charge. You can extend the guarantee in the shopping basket during the order process. You can add the guarantee extension to your order with just one click of the mouse in the shopping basket. Take advantage of 4 whole years of our competent service for our high-quality, durable products.

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