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Purchasing and ordering a snow thrower

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Snow thrower

Often the "trusty old snow shovel" is fetched from the cellar or the garage for this winter pavement snow-clearing duty. Working with this manual tool is certainly very strenuous and time-consuming. But, if you want to clear the snow significantly faster and more easily, use a motorised snowblower from IKRA.

  • IKRA Cordless Snow Shovel IAF 40-3325 (40V / 2,5Ah) with adjustable thrower direction, telescopic height adjustment - brushless motor for a high performance, longer runtime and extended endurance, ergonomic 2-handed guidance by adjustable support handle   Product Details   Snow Throwing: Adjustable thrower direction Snow throwing distance ca. 5-6 m   Handle: Ergonomic 2-handed guidance by adjustable support handle...


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