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Purchasing and ordering a scarifier

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We have listed the corresponding product highlights by means of bullet points for the respective scarifier. The technical data can be found in detail in the "Specifications". We have also provided a comprehensive description of the respective tool in the long text. If there are accessories for the article, we have listed these on the article page under the "Accessories" tab.

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Scarifiers are important gardening tools for a perfectly cared for lawn, just as lawn mowers and strimmers are. Scarifying after the first mowing of the grass in spring promotes grass growth. Scarifiers and lawn aerators break up the grass, loosen moss, old grass residue and other matted material. This enables the lawn to breathe better. The scarifier can be used again in autumn at the end of the season.

  • Electric Scarifier & Raker IEVL 1840

    Article is on stock at 03.01.2020   IKRA Electric Lawn Raker...

    free shipping Germany
  • Electric Scarifier & Raker IEVL 1738

    Article not available until further notice   IKRA Electric...

    free shipping Germany
  • Electric Scarifier & Raker IEVL 1532

    IKRA Electric Scarifier & Raker IEVL 1532 (1.500 W) incl. scarifier...

    free shipping Germany
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