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shoulder straps

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Easier on your back and shoulders: Shoulder straps for brushcutters

We have shoulder straps or double shoulder straps for brushcutters. A double shoulder strap fastens the brushcutter perfectly to the body. Working comfort is significantly increased by this as you no longer need to bear the whole weight of the tool with hands and arms alone thanks to the shoulder strap. Stresses on hands, wrists, arms, shoulders and back are significantly reduced.

You also have better control of the brushcutter when using the shoulder strap. This prevents rapid fatigue and promotes good posture. It allows you to work whilst taking care of your shoulders and back.

The shoulder strap can be easily fastened to the respective brushcutter with a clip. The size of the shoulder strap can be individually adjusted and can therefore be adapted to suit needs. The carry strap ensures the best possible handling and guidance of the brushcutter.

  • Double shoulder strap - for even weight distribution on shoulder, minimizes stress on hands, wrists and back - easy to put on, individual size adjustment - safe, comfortable, robust and durable, for IKRA petrol trimmer BT 1045   Product Details Even weight distribution on shoulder Minimizes stress on hands, wrists and back Easy to put on Individual size adjustment / adaptation to body possible Safe, comfortable, robust and durable Long-life quality...

  • Professional double shoulder strap incl. hip protection - for an even weight distribution on the shoulders, with padded shoulder straps - easy to put on, individual size adjustment, carabiner closure, emergency flap and hip protection to avoid pressure points on the body - suitable for scythes, brushcutters and pruners   Product Details   Strap: Double shoulder strap Padded shoulder straps Easy to put on Individual size adjustment / adaptation...

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