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safety equipment

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For your working safety: Face protection, safety goggles and safety gloves

Make sure you have the proper equipment for your personal safety when working with gardening tools. You can purchase face shields, safety goggles and protective gloves from us.

The face shield protects your face, for example when working with hedge trimmers, shredders or brushcutters. The safety goggles protect you from dust and wood chips.

You have a better grip of the gardening tool handles with the protective gloves. In addition, it is also advisable to wear gloves when working on the blades themselves, for example when removing pieces of branch from the hedge trimmer blades. Safety gloves protect your hands from injuries here.

  • Face protection

    Face protection with mesh visor - Face shield protects against eye and...

  • Gardening gloves

    Gardening gloves for work with gardening tools - robust work gloves made...

  • Safety goggles

    Light-weight full view glasses - can be placed over the actual visual aid...

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