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Power for your cordless gardening tools

Emission-free, environmentally-friendly and with complete freedom of movement, the cordless gardening tools help you with your daily gardening work.

Many of our cordless gardening tools come with rechargeable battery and charger. For example, the cordless hedge trimmer IAHS 40-5425 and the cordless strimmer IART 2520 LI. Customers often decide to purchase a second rechargeable battery and a quick-charger enabling them to work for longer periods of time without interruption.


Tools from the 40 Volt rechargeable battery range are delivered without rechargeable battery and charger. The ONE FOR ALL rechargeable battery range has the advantage that you can use the rechargeable battery in all of your IKRA gardening tools with the 40 V symbol. Order the rechargeable battery and the charger at the same time when you order your 40V ONE FOR ALL gardening tool. You have the choice of standard charger and quick charger. You can insert two rechargeable batteries in ONE-FOR-ALL cordless lawn mowers with the "Flexible Twin Power" logo, to mow twice the area. Customers often choose to purchase two rechargeable batteries with other tools too, for example if they have a large plot or in order to be able to work for longer without interruption.

Work flexibly, cost-effectively and independently with IKRA cordless gardening tools.

  • Charger Quick for 40 V batteries

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  • Charger Standard for 40 V batteries

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  • Hint! 40 V Battery 2,5 Ah Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery

    Please note: This battery does not fit into FERREX products.  ...

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  • 24 V Battery 1,9 Ah Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery

    IKRA 24V Li-Ion Battery 24V battery system - low self-discharge, higher...

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  • 18V NiCad Quick charger

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  • 18V NiCad Battery

    Product Details   18V NiCad Battery 3 battery contacts...

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  • Akku (LI5) Li-Ion 20V 2,0Ah

    IKRA 20V Li-Ion Battery ONE FOR ALL 20V battery system - low...

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Cordless Power

You can also find 18V, 20V and 24V rechargeable batteries in our IKRA accessories shop. But, we would like to deal with our 40V rechargeable battery range in more detail here. Our 40V ONE FOR ALL rechargeable battery system and its advantages are described below.

ONE FOR ALL - 40 Volt rechargeable battery system from IKRA - one battery for all gardening tools


Finally there is just one rechargeable battery for all gardening tools: The 40 Volt rechargeable battery from IKRA works in all IKRA gardening tools with the 40V sign. The rechargeable battery is compatible with all important gardening tools required to complete all of the vital work in your garden. For example, the 40 Volt rechargeable battery works in cordless lawn mowers and mulching mowers, cordless strimmers, cordless chainsaws and cordless hedge trimmers. There is no break for the 40 Volt rechargeable battery in the autumn or winter either. In autumn you can use the helpful rechargeable battery in the cordless leaf blower and blast pathways and lawn areas clear of leaves and in winter you can insert the rechargeable battery into the cordless snowblower from IKRA in order to free pathways and areas around your property of snow. You can see which gardening tools are compatible with the 40 Volt rechargeable battery under IKRA ONE FOR ALL 40 Volt cordless gardening tools.

You will require a suitable charger to charge the rechargeable battery back to full power again. There is a quick-charge station and a normal charging station for the 40 Volt range. If the 40V rechargeable battery is "out of juice", the IKRA quick-charger can recharge the battery again in just 60 minutes. With the standard charger, the rechargeable battery is fully charged again in ca. 3 - 5 hours. Rechargeable batteries and chargers are not included with tools from the 40 Volt ONE FOR ALL rechargeable battery range. You can purchase rechargeable batteries and chargers here. Order the rechargeable battery and the charger when you place the order for your tools.

Do you have a particularly large plot or a large area of lawn to mow? Do you have a large hedge or a lot of foliage on your property? In this case, it is well worth ordering a replacement or second rechargeable battery. While one 40 V rechargeable battery is charging in the charger, you can continue with your work on the lawn, hedges or trees with the second battery without losing any time. With the quick-charger, the rechargeable battery is fully charged and ready for use again after just one hour. With our combination cordless mulching mowers 3 in 1 IAM 40-4325 and IAM 40-4625 S, you can insert two 40 Volt rechargeable batteries (Flexible Twin Power) for twice the surface area performance. Of course, these tools can also run with just one rechargeable battery, for example for smaller lawn areas.

40 Volt Battery

The high-quality and useful 40 Volt rechargeable battery from IKRA has very low self-discharge when not being used. The rechargeable battery can store a great deal of energy because it has a high energy density. In addition, the 40V rechargeable battery has no memory effect. The Li-ion battery can be charged at any time without shortening its service life. Also, interrupting the charging process does not damage the high-quality 40 Volt lithium ion battery from IKRA.

What are the advantages of the 40 Volt rechargeable battery system from IKRA?

Comparing cordless gardening tools with petrol-powered gardening tools, the following points are the most important plus-points for the cordless gardening tools:

  • Lower weight
  • Lower noise pollution
  • Lower vibrations
  • Absence of odour nuisance

You can feel at ease in your green oasis and you can tend and care for your garden, lawn and hedges with the 40V ONE FOR ALL cordless gardening tools from IKRA.

40 Volt Cordless Grass Edger