IKRA Cordless Steel Deck Lawn Mower incl. Mulching IAM 40-4325

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(excl. battery and charger)

Battery and charger not included, order here:

40 V Battery 2,5 Ah Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery 84,90 €*

Charger Standard for 40 V batteries 19,90 €*

Charger Quick for 40 V batteries 49,90 €*

(IKRA garden tool including battery accessories)

IKRA Cordless Lawnmower IAM 40-4325 with brushless motor and energy saving intelligent motor management, cutting width ca. 430mm, cutting height 6-positions central adjustable 25 - 75 mm, collecting bag ca. 50l, powder coated steel chassis and wheels with double ball bearings - mulching function (mulching kit)


Product Details


  • Motor:
    • Brushless motor
    • High performance, longer runtime and extended endurance
    • Energy saving intelligent motor management


  • Cutting performance:
    • Cutting width: 43 cm
    • Cutting height: 25 - 75 mm
    • Central cutting height adjustment (6-positions)


  • Cutting method:
    • Collecting
    • Rear discharge
    • Mulching


  • Collecting bag:
    • Textile collecting bag with hard top and support handle
    • Bag capacity 50 l
    • Easy collecting bag removal
    • Fill level indicator


  • Handle & Frame:
    • Ergonomic handle with comfortable softgrip and switch


  • Wheels:
    • Wheels with double ball bearings
    • Front: ø 180 mm / Rear: ø 250 mm


  • Mulching mower:
    • Mulching kit included


  • Transportation & storage:
    • Integrated carry handle for easy and effortless transportation
    • Vertical folding function, space saving upright storage


  • Other features:
    • Powder coated steel chassis
    • Robust metal blade
    • Electric blade stop
    • Easy handling and maneuverability


  • 40-V Light-Weight Power Battery Series:
    • Battery and charger not included in the scope of supply
      (please see in accessories)
    • ONE-FOR-ALL 40 V Battery System:
      Batteries compatible with all IKRA devices with the 40V logo
    • Flexible Twin-Power:
      Doubled lawn area with two battery packs



Your benefits with cordless lawn mowers


  • Independence:
    Cordless power enable you moving freely around your garden, without limitation of a cord. You can reach difficult areas and also cover a greater distance.


  • Battery charging:
    Uncomplicated, easy battery recharging with standard charging station or quick charger


  • Less maintenance:
    No need to change spark plug / no refuel (compared to petrol lawn mower)


  • Eco-friendly and emission-free:
    The overall contribution to air pollution is significantly less compared with petrol tools



Product description

The IAM 40-4325 cordless lawn mower from IKRA is intended and designed for mowing medium and large lawn areas in private household gardens and allotments.

The lawn mower is completely independent of the mains power supply and is powered by rechargeable battery. This guarantees that you can move around your own lawn with complete freedom. There is no power cable in the way when working on the lawn. Hidden spots can also be easily reached without being hampered by a cable.

Thanks to the innovative and flexible Twin-Power system from IKRA, you can manage twice the lawn area with the cordless lawn mower. To do so, insert a 40 Volt rechargeable battery into each of the rechargeable battery slots on the lawn mower. Now you can work on the lawn for up to 85 minutes with the cordless push-mower without interruption. Of course, you can also use just one 40 V rechargeable battery in the lawn mower. In this case however, the run time of the mower is only ca. 42 minutes. The run time is of course also dependent on your property. If you have just one small area to mow then of course using just one battery will be enough. If the area is larger, two rechargeable batteries are of course very helpful to deal with a large area.

IKRA cordless lawn mower IAM 40-4325

The charge time for a rechargeable battery is ca. 3 - 5 hours with the standard charge station. Please note that the charge station and the rechargeable batteries are not included with the cordless lawn mower. Please order these separately on our accessories page. You can also buy the quick-charger for the 40V rechargeable battery as an option in the online shop. The quick-charger charges the rechargeable battery in just one hour. As a result, the rechargeable battery is quickly ready for operation in the lawn mower again. The rechargeable battery is rated at 40V / 2.5Ah. The cordless lawn mower is good for the environment and nature. The mower produces no odour as it runs without petrol. As a result, no there are no hazardous emissions in your garden. In comparison to a petrol lawn mower, the cordless lawn mower is often significantly quieter. Cordless lawn mowers from IKRA are flexible, economical and independent. They have low weight, low vibration, less noise pollution and no odour nuisance as there are no hazardous substances emitted.

IKRA cordless lawn mower IAM 40-4325

The brushless motor installed in the device has a long run time, is maintenance-free and has a long service life as well as high tractive power for powerful mowing performance. The integrated intelligent motor management system provides optimised energy consumption. The powder-coated steel housing is corrosion-resistant (rust-resistant) and weather-resistant.  The rapidly rotating blade of the cordless rotary mower is made from robust metal. The battery-powered rotary mower cuts the grass precisely and diligently with its sharp metal blade, which rotates like a propeller. The cutting height setting for the mower can be changed. The cutting height can be adjusted centrally and conveniently via the side lever (6 different height settings). Select cutting heights from 2.5 to 7.5 cm on the machine.

The cordless mower can be comfortably steered and manoeuvred around the lawn thanks to the sturdy handle bar and the durable, double ball bearing mounted, easy-running wheels. This ease of manoeuvrability also protects the lawn. Ball bearing mounted wheels make the mower significantly easier to push. The large lawn mower wheels (wheel size: front 18cm and rear 25cm) also deal with minor irregularities in the lawn surface. The soft grip on the ergonomic handle bar ensures a secure hold on the cordless push-mower. Your hands are firmly held in place on the mower and will not slip when mowing. The soft material also helps to prevent blisters forming on hands and fingers. Once the cordless lawn mower is switched on at the side, it is simple to control whether it is on or off with the start/stop bar, which is mounted directly in front of the handle bar. If you pull on the bar, the lawn mower starts up and runs. If you release the bar, the motor and blade stop (electric blade stop).

IKRA cordless lawn mower IAM 40-4325

A fabric collection bag with a hardtop is at the rear of the cordless mower. This reliably collects the cuttings that arise during mowing. The collection bag has a capacity of ca. fifty litres. The collection bag can be easily removed thanks to the integrated handle in order to carry the cuttings to the compost heap or the organic waste bin. The fill level indicator is a flap on the hardtop of the collecting bag, which opens slightly if the collection bag is full of cuttings. If the collecting bag is full of grass cuttings, you can empty it. You are not left in the dark and need not constantly check whether the collection container is full. The mower can of course also be used without the grass collection bag. If the collection container is removed, the mowed grass is discharged at the rear of the machine. This can be useful when dealing with wild grass areas or tall grass for example.

The modern cordless lawn mower has a mulching kit so that you can not only mow with the IKRA mower but can also simply mulch as well. Mulching is very ecologically beneficial and often makes separate fertilising with chemicals or specialised fertilisers superfluous.

IKRA cordless lawn mower IAM 40-4325

To use the IAM 40-4325 as a mulcher: Close the rear discharge channel of the mulching mower with the kit. This stops the mown grass from being ejected through the rear opening and causes it to be mulched by the blade in the mower housing instead. In the mulching process, the cuttings are swirled around in the interior of the mulching mower several times and chopped smaller and smaller by the sharp blades. The now very finely chopped grass cuttings find their way onto the ground, between the blades of grass on the lawn. The shredded grass decomposes here and serves as a particularly ecological fertiliser for the grass. In this way, the nutrients removed from the lawn by the mowing are returned to the lawn - a very natural cycle for your lawn. Grass mulch between the blades of grass also prevents valuable water evaporating from the soil. As a result, the lawn does not dry out so quickly on hot summer days. You can see that a lawn mower with mulching function combines many advantages and supports the natural and ecological cycle in your garden.

After mowing or mulching, the modern and robust combination mulching mower can be effortlessly carried to its storage location thanks to its sturdy carry handle. The storage location should be dry and protected from frost. The cellar, garage or garden shed, for example, would be ideal for this. The combination mower can be stored vertically and so takes up very little space in its storage location.

IKRA cordless lawn mower IAM 40-4325



Your IKRA benefits

Benefit IKRA No. 1 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of gardening tools

We have been producing useful, cordless, electrical and petrol gardening tools for our customers since 1977. We can look back over a successful company history of more than 40 years. You are purchasing a high-quality branded product from IKRA –Gardening tools have been our speciality and our passion for more than 40 years.

Benefit IKRA No. 2 Spare parts and accessories

The big advantage with IKRA is that we are able to offer an excellent spare parts service. Spare parts for all IKRA gardening tools can be ordered easily from us here in the shop. Suitable accessory items such as saw chains or cutting line spools, for example, for certain IKRA devices are always available online. Of course, IKRA also maintains a stock of spare parts and accessory parts for older gardening tools. Customer service and functionality are a priority with us. Put an end to frustration when enjoying Germany's finest hobby – enjoying the sense of well-being in the garden and on the lawn with IKRA brand equipment. If you cannot find the right spare part or accessory for your gardening tool in our shop, please contact our friendly customer hotline: +49 (0) 6071-3003-0 or use our contact form.

Benefit IKRA No. 3 Customer service

Take advantage of our exclusive IKRA customer service. We will provide you with excellent and competent support with all of your questions concerning the first use and operation of IKRA gardening tools. We will help you, quickly and reliably. We will be happy to answer technical questions on any tools. Our customer hotline: +49 (0) 6071-3003-0 or use our contact form.

Benefit IKRA No. 4 4-year optional guarantee

You have the option to extend the manufacturer's guarantee from two years to four years. We underscore the durability and quality of our products with this. Enjoy the trouble-free use of our high-quality and durable IKRA gardening tools. Our competent customer hotline and technical hotline are by your side throughout the complete guarantee period with advice and assistance. If your device should develop a defect within the guarantee period, we can guarantee you a quick repair. In the event of a service case, contact us and you can send the faulty device to us free of charge. The return shipping of the repaired device or the replacement device back to you is also free of charge. You can extend the guarantee in the shopping basket during the order process. You can add the guarantee extension to your order with just one click of the mouse in the shopping basket. Take advantage of four whole years of our competent service for our high-quality, durable products.


ONE FOR ALL IKRA 40 Volt Light-Weight Battery Series

ONE FOR ALL batteries

Finally there is just one rechargeable battery for all useful gardening tools. No more unfathomable chaos and confusion of having various different rechargeable batteries, battery systems and chargers. The 40 Volt rechargeable battery from IKRA works in all IKRA gardening tools with the 40V sign: It is compatible with useful gardening tools such as lawn mowers, chainsaws, strimmers, hedge trimmers and leaf blowers. You can find an overview of which tools work with the rechargeable battery in the list below.

flexible fair and independent IKRA 40 V battery series

One rechargeable battery system for all gardening tools – you can really save money with this and also finally regain an overview in your garden tool shed. Plug it and go: For example, you can first mow your grass, then swap the rechargeable battery into the strimmer and then finally swap it into the hedge trimmer – just one battery system for all of the tools in your garden. IKRA makes it possible. If the rechargeable battery should be empty, the IKRA quick charger charges the battery very quickly – the rechargeable battery is ready for you to use in your garden again in just 60 minutes. With the standard IKRA rechargeable battery charger, the rechargeable battery is fully charged again in ca. 3 - 5 hours. The high-quality IKRA 40 Volt rechargeable battery has a low self-discharge, a high energy density and no memory effect.

extremly quiet
less vibrations



What are the advantages of the 40 Volt rechargeable battery system?

If you compare cordless gardening tools with petrol gardening tools, the specific benefits are the lower weight, lower noise pollution, lower vibrations and no odour nuisance. Because cordless tools are particularly quiet, this makes the garden work twice as enjoyable, more stress-free and your neighbours will thank you too. Cordless tools are real lightweights when compared to petrol tools. This is easier on your back and is significantly more comfortable. The ongoing development of lighter cordless gardening tools is particularly important to us. This significantly increases comfort levels when working. This enables the garden work to be completed with ease. The low vibration levels looks after your wrists, shoulders and arms. Work without the aches and pains, but in more comfort instead with the 40V cordless gardening tools from IKRA. You have complete freedom as the rechargeable tool is operated without cables. You can say goodbye to the cable spaghetti in the garden and to the irritating situation where the extension cable is not long enough or there is no electrical power outlet nearby. Last but not least, the environment and nature will also thank you for using cordless gardening tools and the 40V rechargeable battery system. You create less air pollution than petrol-powered tools. You can feel at ease in your green oasis and you can tend and care for your garden, lawn and hedges with the cordless gardening tools from IKRA.

Please note: The 40 Volt rechargeable battery and the charger are not included in the delivery. Please simply order these separately here in the IKRA online shop:


All 40 Volt cordless gardening tools in an overview

Cordless Lawn Mower

IKRA Cordless Steel Deck Lawn Mower IAM 40-4325

  • cutting width 43cm
  • Cutting height 25-75mm
  • Flexible TwinPower:
    doubled lawn area with two battery packs
  • Mulching kit
  • Energy saving intelligent motor management
  • Powder coated steel chassis
  • Wheels with double ball bearings
  • Integrated carry handle
  • Space saving upright storage
  • Grass box 50 l
  • Weight: 19,10 kg

Cordless Lawn Mower

IKRA Cordless Steel Deck Lawn Mower IAM 40-4625 S

  • Cutting width 46cm
  • Cutting height 25-75mm
  • Flexible TwinPower:
    doubled lawn area with two battery packs
  • Mulching kit
  • Energy saving intelligent motor management
  • Powder coated steel chassis
  • Wheels with double ball bearings
  • Integrated carry handle
  • Space saving upright storage
  • Grass box 50 l
  • Weight: 23,10 kg

Cordless String Trimmer

Cordless Grass Trimmer IAT 40-3025 LI

  • Cutting width 30cm
  • Incl. 2 spools
  • Tilting head
  • Height adjustment
  • Vertical trimming
  • Plant guard
  • Long life cutting line
  • Edge roller
  • Weight: only 2,80 kg

Cordless Hedge Trimmer

IKRA Cordless Hedge Trimmer IAHS 40-5425

  • Cutting length 54cm
  • Cutting gap 18mm
  • 180° rotating handle, ergonomic multi-position front handle
  • Dual action and hardened blades with aluminium guide rail
  • Weight: only 3,00 kg

Cordless Telescopic Hedge Trimmer

IKRA Cordless Telescopic Hedge Trimmer IATHS 40-43

  • Cutting length 43cm
  • Cutting gap 18mm
  • 6-position adjustment cutting angle
  • Dual action and hardened blades with aluminium guide rail
  • Lightweight: fibreglass and aluminium telescopic shaft
  • Incl. shoulder strap
  • Weight: only 4,20 kg
Cordless Chainsaw

IKRA Cordless Chainsaw IAK 40-3025

  • Cutting length 28,5cm
  • Tool-free chain assembly and tensioning
  • OREGON bar with low-vibration chain
  • Automatic chain lubrication
  • Weight: only 5,10 kg

Cordless Telescopic Pruner

IKRA Cordless Telescopic Pruner IAAS 40-25

  • Cutting length: coming soon
  • Tool-free chain assembly and tensioning
  • OREGON branded bar and low-vibration chain
  • Automatic chain lubrication
  • 4-position adjustment cutting angle up to 67,5°
  • Lightweight: fibreglass and aluminium telescopic shaft
  • Incl. shoulder strap
  • Weight: only 4,2 kg

Cordless Leaf Blower

IKRA Cordless Leaf Blower IAB 40-25

  • Blowing speed 320 km/h
  • Turbo boost function
  • Variable speed control
  • Detachable tube for space saving storage
  • Weight: only 2,70 kg

Cordless Snow Thrower

Cordless Snow Thrower IAF 40-3325

  • Working width 33cm
  • Adjustable thrower direction
  • Telescopic height adjustment
  • Weight: only 6,60 kg
ONE FOR ALL! The 40 V-Light-Weight Power Battery Series, batteries compatible with all IKRA devices with the 40V logo
doubled lawn area with two battery packs, can be operated on a single 40V battery, as well
battery voltage
40 Volt / 5,0 Ah (2 x 2,5 Ah)
Lithium-Ion technology, 40-Volt-PowerPack (17180929-1) not included
charging station
charging station (standard) not included (17180973-1), optionally available: charging station (quick) 17180983-1
runtime max. (battery)
approx. 85 minutes, specified run time with 2 inserted batteries, runtime with one inserted 40V battery: max. 42,5 min
charging time (battery)
approx. 60 min (charger quick), approx. 3-5 hrs (charger standard)
engine / motor
brushless motor, provides high performance, longer runtime and extended endurance
motor management
optimized use of energy ensured by intelligent motor management
max. speed
max. 3.100 min-1
cutting method
collecting (collecting bag), mulching (mulching kit), rear discharge
recommended m²
300 - 600 m², for comfortable mowing
cutting width
43 cm
cutting height
25 - 75 mm, 6-positions height adjustment, central
collecting bag
textile collecting bag with hard top, with support handle, leichte Fangsackentnahme, with fill level indicator, large textile collecting bag
fill level indicator (grass)
grass catcher volume
50 litre
mulching function
yes, mulching kit included
rear discharge
comfortable switch bracket, softgrip handle, ergonomic
handlebar (frame)
ergonomic, comfortable switch, softgrip, fold-down handle for space saving storage, with quick release fastener
∅ 180 mm / 250 mm, confortable manoeuvrability, wheels with double ball bearings
powder coated steel chassis
hardened metal blade
quick stop
carry handle
yes, integrated carry handle, easy and effortless transportation
vertical folding function, space saving upright storage
sound power level
94 dB(A)
19,10 kg, w/o batteries
2 years, optionally extendable to 4 years
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