The right gardening tool for every application

As a well-known brand manufacturer of gardening tools, IKRA has the right gardening tool for every area of use in your garden or on your property.

Mowing, trimming, mulching & scarifying lawns: IKRA Scarifier and lawn aerator combination devices are ideally suited for removing moss and for aerating your lawn. You can mow small, medium and large areas of lawn quickly and effectively with IKRA cordless or petrol IKRA lawn mowers. Some IKRA lawn mowers can also be used as IKRA mulching mowers. This is an environmentally friendly way of providing your lawn with nutrients directly from the mowed grass cuttings. Lawn edges can be precisely finished, for example at pathways and walls, with IKRA strimmers or IKRA grass shears. Fell, lop and trim trees, or cut firewood: Reliable and powerful IKRA chainsaws enable you to carry out tasks such as tree felling, lopping or trimming. You can reach high boughs and branches in tree crowns, e.g. on fruit trees, effortlessly with IKRA pruners. Trimming bushes and hedges: Prune your screening and decorative hedges to the perfect shape with IKRA hedge trimmers. For example, with the Ultralight, lightweight hedge trimmers - the lightest electrical hedge trimmer in the world with 2-hand safety switching. With the IKRA telescopic hedge trimmer it is simple to reach boughs and branches on particularly tall hedges in your garden. IKRA Shrub shears are useful when shaping small hedges, e.g. boxwood hedges, and when cutting back bushes. Powerful, high-performance garden shredders can be used to shred branches and limbs, for example from bush trimming and tree care. Working and preparing beds: IKRATillers or cultivators are ideal for loosening the ground, for seed bed preparation and for soil cultivation. Cutting undergrowth: IKRA Scythes & brush cutters effectively combat brush and undergrowth - sharp cutting discs cut through stems and branches with ease. Blowing and vacuuming leaves: Colourful autumn leaves can be blown into heaps with IKRA leaf blowers or quickly vacuumed up and shredded with IKRA leaf vacuums. So, you can quickly remove autumn foliage from pavements. Clearing snow: You can clear snow from pathways and areas of your property, e.g. garage entrance areas and courtyards, simply and conveniently with IKRA snowblowers.


40V ONE FOR ALL - innovative: Fed up with having lots of different rechargeable batteries for all your various gardening tools? One rechargeable battery system with compatible rechargeable batteries for all gardening tools - IKRA accomplishes this with their ONE FOR ALL system - with the 40 Volt rechargeable battery range you can say goodbye to the chaos and confusion of having various different rechargeable batteries and chargers. The 40 Volt rechargeable battery from IKRA works in all IKRA gardening tools with the 40V sign. Gardening tools with rechargeable batteries allow you to move around your property flexibly, independently and freely and you can also really save money with the rechargeable battery system as from now on you need only one rechargeable battery for all of your handy IKRA gardening tools - Plug it and go. Alongside the flexibility and independence of the rechargeable battery system, you can also benefit from many other advantages with the cordless tools: Cordless gardening tools have low weight, low vibration, less noise pollution and no odour nuisance - rechargeable battery tools - complete convenience for you and your garden